A little more Southern Witch

Despite the fact that Slightly Spellbound, by Kimberly Frost, has been published, I haven’t gotten to it yet.  I enjoyed the first installments of the series, but my “to read list” is so long, I am not sure when I will get to it.  Not to mention, I need to re-read some of the first 3 since I totally fell down on updating the pages for those books and I don’t remember enough!!!!

Meanwhile, I read two really short stories in this series.  One was shorter than the other, and I am not sure I can even qualify it as a short-story.  3 pages?  Really?  That’s what things have come to?  I have ranted before about these fractional installments, but as Bart Simpson would say: “Ay Caramba!” tumblr_mhy704lIcZ1s1vt4mo1_500Tammy’s First Kiss is cute, about 8 year old Tammy.  Magic Ingredient is about (about) 16 year old Tammy.  They are numbered 0.4 and 0.5, respectively, by goodreads, so I guess there are more of these shorts.  Although I don’t see them listed.

What you need to know from them – Tammy decided when she was younger that she loved Zach.  And, she felt the pull of Bryn instantly.  He came back to town after law school to gather power.  When he saw Tammy, he also felt an instant attraction/pull towards her.  I am not sure there is much else with these two little stories.  The first is a little story about Zach giving Tammy a helmet for her eighth birthday, the other Tammy backing some cupcakes for her friends while they are staying at a hotel and Bryn helps her get into the locked kitchen.

As far as a review of them is concerned, any real review would risk being longer than the one story.  So, I will note they are cute little stories that provide a little background color.  If you don’t have a to be read pile the size of mine, or you have just a few minutes you need to fill, these are a nice way to spend 15 minutes.  Otherwise, don’t worry about putting them at the top of the TBR pile.  They really are just a little bit, a tiny glimpse, of a few characters at younger ages.



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