2: Beautiful Darkness

Main Characters:

Ethan and Lena

Marian – the current Keeper of the library/lunae libri (caster library).  She thinks Ethan may be a Wayward (a mortal who helps casters find their fates).





Olivia/Liv – befriends Ethan and is here to become sort of an apprentice to Marian at the library.

John Breed – a friend of Ridley’s.  He’s half dark, half light – sort of.  He’s actually half caster and half incubus.  He is set up as the bad guy here though.

Location: Gatlin

Main Premise:  Lena went unclaimed – neither light nor dark at the end of book 1.  She used the book to resurrect Ethan and Macon was killed.  Now, Ethan and Lena have to deal with the aftermath, including the idea that “16 moons” is now “17 moons”.  Lena stops reading and becomes distant.  Lena intends to run away with John and be dark because she thinks that she has to – that she is to blame for Macon’s death.  When Lena takes off, to find here, Ethan, Liv and Link all head to the tunnels which are under the library and the rest of the town (and really connect all sorts of places) to find her.  We discover that Macon and Than’s mom were in love.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

Ridley loses her powers.  They find the Great Barrier where Sarafine will attempt to get Lena to claim herself.  Ethan and Liv manage to use the Archlight to resurrect Macon.  Lena claims herself and turns out to be both light and dark.  Link gets bitten by John who is half caster half incubus and Link starts to turn into an incubus.  Marian interfered by helping, which she is not supposed to do as the Keeper – as they are not supposed to get involved.


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