Werewolf in Greenwich Village

Main Characters:

Nadia – yes, the Nadia that Aidan was promised too.  She’s destined to become the Henderson pack Alpha when it’s time for her dad to step down.  She’s a fashion designer who at the start is in NY for a business meeting.

Quentin – a Wallace cousin who is lower on the social scale than would be appropriate for the mate of an alpha.  But, he is attracted to Nadia anyway.
Theo – Nadia’s unstable brother who wants to be pack alpha but his mental condition makes him an unsuitable candidate for the position.

Locations:  NYC and Chicago

Main Premise:  Nadia is coming to terms with no longer being promised to Aidan (which she is really ok with since she likes Emma and thinks Aidan being happy is what is important).  She bumps into Roarke and Quentin one evening.  Roarke gets called off and Nadia spends the evening with Quentin.  They instantly hit it off.  Nadia then gets a call from her mother telling her that Theo has challenged their dad and taken over the pack.  Nadia must head home to fix things since Theo is (sort of) dangerous.  Quentin, knowing his place and that he can’t really be with Nadia goes with her anyway for moral support.  They arrive and shortly after Theo challenges Nadia.  Nadia wins.  Quentin heads home, disappointed but understanding.  Nadia’s assistant then makes it clear to Nadia that her happiness is more important than the stupid tradition that would keep her and Quentin apart.  So…

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Roarke was called off to go investigate/help a pack with a problem with a Sasquatch mated pair that was sighted by a human.

Review:  There isn’t much to review since this really is a short story/extra so that we can be assured that Nadia wasn’t just dumped by Aidan at the end of the first book.  We see a quick little relationship between her and Quentin.  Honestly, I liked the characters so much that I wish this had been a full length novel not just the extra it was.  There was enough potential in the conflict between Theo and his family and Nadia’s need to be the alpha that it easily could have had the length.  I appreciate getting to see that Nadia is happy – I just wish the story and relationship were more developed because I love this series!


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