#5 Rise of the Hotel Dumort

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Aldous Nix – the High Warlock of Manhattan.  He lives at the Hotel and he appears to be a little out of his mind.

Dolly – a young vampire who warns Magnus of the impending stock market crash.

Locations: New York, 1929

Main Premise:  Magnus is in NY and owns a speakeasy. He is warned that there is some big event coming- the stock market crash. And the crash happens at the same time that Nix opens a portal to the Void (Hell) in the hotel. He disappears into the Void, the voices from the Void want Magnus to join but he doesn’t. He also sees Camille again at the end.

Important Things to Remember for Later:   Camille appears again at the end. The Hotel became a portal to Hell.


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