Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend

Main Characters:

MJ, Gilley and Steven Jr. from the first.

Teeko – MJ’s best friend.

the Dean – head of NorthElm, and he knows WAY more than he lets on about Hatchet Jack. He’s not very nice, but does seem to want to protect his brother, who has special needs.

Main Premise – Karen aka Teeko has a niece who attends school at Northelm, a uber private school.  While in school working on a project she gets attached by Hatchet Jack, the resident angry evil ghost.  MJ and crew are enlisted to help.    There are a bunch of ghosts here – Eric, a young boy and Hernando (another boy) and the Hatchet man.  Nicky, the Dean’s brother, lives at the school and is mentally challenged.  Turns out, it is the result of a head injury.  MJ figures out that Hatchet is out to get little boys.  And she solves who Hernando and Eric are so they and their families can be at peace.

Spoiling the Mystery:  Hatchet Jack was a boyfriend to a foster mother of some of the boys that were killed.  He used to take them on fishing trips and torture and kill them, while he told the foster mother that he sent them to private schools.  The dean and Nicky were brothers and their adopted father’s brother was Hatchet Jack.  The father thought it would be ok if Jack stayed near the school in a cabin on an island, but then he went psycho.  The Dean tried to cover it up to protect his adopted father.  And he and his brother were adopted because of the guilt over what Jack did.  MJ sends Jack to hell, where he belongs.  MJ builds these things she calls grenades, but they are really metal spikes in tubes.  And Gilley is again targeted by the ghost.  By the end, MJ and Steven are sort of together.


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