Kiss of Midnight

Coupling:  Lucan Thorne and Gabrielle Maxwell.

Him: Lucan is the Order’s leader.  The Order is a not very popular group of the Breed who protect the Breed.

Her:  Gabrielle witnesses a murder and that’s how she meets Lucan.

Important things to remember later:  Lucan is a little different then many of the others because he is GenOne (one generation from the alien race that came to this planet and succumbed to the bloodlust that creates monsters and Rogues (the big bad in this series).  We meet a bunch of the other members of the Order, who will be discussed in turn on their pages.  We also have minions and the Master in this series.

A few to remember, however, since one of them probably won’t get his own book since he already has a mate and the others are particularly important for this installment.  First, Gideon.  His breedmate is Savannah.  He’s the resident computer guru – since he gave up fighting in the field after bonding to Savannah.  Second, Rio whose mate is Eva (more on her below).  Conlan whose mate is Danika is killed in the middle of the book, leaving Danika a potential for her own at some point (or with another Breed member).

The vamps here all have glyphs – the closer to GenOne, the more they have.  They indicate lineage and social rank.  And they change colors according to their emotions (built in moodrings!)  The DarkHavens are where the aristocracy live – in little compounds/groups.

In this installment Eva sets them up.  She knows Lucan is having trouble fighting the blood lust (which is why he tried to kill his brother Marek).  When Rio denounces her for it, she kills herself.  After bonding with Gabrielle, the men go off to fight and Gabrielle ends up there too.  This is where Lucan realizes his brother is the one behind all the Rogues and he’s the “big bad” in the series.


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