#7 Fall of the Hotel Dumort

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Greg Jensen – Werewolf

Max Lincoln – head of the werwolves

Camille – head of the vampires.  Runs the Hotel.  But doesn’t control the vampires.

Dolly (from the rise of the hotel short) – one of Camille’s vampires

Catarina Loss – a warlock (we saw here in the Peru story)

Locations: New York, 1977

Main Premise:  Back in NY, again.  Seems that when Magnus returns from London, there is a problem with the Vampires.  They are out of control and seem sick.  Turns out that because drugs are so prevalent in the human population, the vampires are feeling the effects of the human’s doing drugs.  Seems Camille sent Raphael away for speaking up about it.  The werewolves have warned that they will need to do something about it if the vampires don’t get under control.  Then, since we are in the middle of the summer of sam, we have the NY city blackout.  The vampires go really nuts and the werewolves decide they need to take out the vampires.  Magnus gets to Camille, to try to make things right.  Camille orders all her vampires into the hotel and Magnus puts up wards to dry out the vampires.  Raphael shows up at the end after they have all dried out. Apparently, he says he returned because a vial of his grave soil was broken.  Magnus has Catarina perform a memory spell to take away the latest memories of Camille from him because he doesn’t want to remember what he saw.

Important Things to Remember for Later:   Well, we get why the Hotel Dumont is called in the title of #5 and this “dumort” – has to do with the broke-down facade of the hotel; the “n” looks like an “r”.  Should have had that explained in #5.


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