#2: Until I Die

Main Characters:

Kate, Vincent, Ambrose, Charlotte, Gaspard, JB, Mamie and Papy, Georgia and the rest from book one (except Lucien, of course).


Arthur and Violette – ancient revenants from France who come in to the house since Charlotte and Charles leave.  Arthur gets on Kate’s bad side, when at the first house meeting, he announces that humans shouldn’t participate.  Violette seems to come to Kate’s rescue and become Kate’s friend, but by the end we know that it’s all an act.  Violette is the one pulling the strings and in fact, the new leader of the numa.

The guerisseur (Gwenhael and her son, Bran) – her familiy has knowledge of the story Kate reads in the old book which might hold the key to Kate and Vincent being together.  Gwenhael, or one of her line, is supposed to be able to identify the Champion form the (as of yet unheard) prophecy that seems to probably apply to Vincent (or maybe Kate if some of the internet speculation (and my own) is correct) is real.  Unfortunately, it appears that Gwen is killed by Violette’s numa before she can pass any information to Kate.  But Gwen’s son had agreed to help Kate once he got the gift from his mother, if he could.

Location: Paris

Main Premise:  We pick up right after where we left off at the end of Die for Me.  The numa’s old leader is dead, having been killed by Kate (who was possessed by a volant Vincent at the time).  Georgia is recovering, dating a musician now, and Charolette and Charles are heading out of town.  Them leaving leaves space for the newcomers, Arthur and Violette.  They are really old, together-but-not-together, and they seem to have a distaste for the humans they save.  The numa are quiet for a while, and Vincent and Kate are each on a search to make things easier for them to be together.  But they aren’t telling each other all the details (although at least they tell each other that much).  Only to have the numa under another leader and committing thefts.   The numa are breaking into places, including Papy’s gallery, looking for something (we know it’s the book Immortal Love that Kate found).

Violette fakes becoming Kate’s friend – she’s really fishing for information on Vincent and the Champion because she wants the Champion’s powers for herself.  Meanwhile, Vincent is using the “Dark Way” to resist saving humans and dying – that is, he’s hunting numa and using their deaths to sustain him.  And Kate is using the time to look for a solution herself – and that’s how she finds the book and the guerisseur.

The show down comes after Papy forbids Kate from seeing Vincent anymore.  Papy’s gallery was broken into by the numa looking for the book.  And while Kate is there one afternoon, they come back.  Vincent shows up to get rid of the numa, but Papy says he knows about the revenants because of his studies of antiquities and he forbids the relationship.  He says it’s too dangerous.  So Kate, with Georgia’s help, sneaks out and they follow Arthur and Violette to a meeting where Violette is with her numa.  Violette has directed them to steal the books so she can learn more about the Champion, see if Vincent is truly him, and so she can steal his power (what ever that really is since we aren’t sure).  Georgia is again an innocent bystander who gets beat up pretty good.  But the real tragedy is that Violette escapes after Vincent dies while taking out a numa (we assume based on the tumble off the ledge they took Vincent) – and Violette takes his body.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  After Kate sees the numa who bears the message from Violette of white lilies (signifying a funeral) she hears “Mon ange” spoken clearly inside her head.  So… is what is Vincent’s status?  And can Bran help – did he get the gift from his mother and is he the VictorSeer?  Jules has a thing for Kate.  Both books are gone. Violette is off in the castle she and Arthur used to live in.  She claims that only she knows the secrets to the Champion and his power.  Papy is not going to be happy with Kate.  Georgia and Arthur seem to like each other a little.  Kate has a signum from Victor, noting that she is one of the kindred even though she’s not a revenant.  Charles is happy in Germany, with a group of other younger revenants and not with Charlotte.

My thoughts – totally not in this “what to remember” category – but for lack of a better place to put them…  I wonder if Kate is the one in the prophecy (remember, we haven’t heard it, just that it seems to implicate who ever killed the last Numa leader and is that Victor or Kate given that Victor was possessing Kate?).  Kate can (now) tell who is a numa because she can see the grey-aura like distortion around them.  She can hear Vincent when he is volant.  And, I wonder if Bran got the gift right before his mother ran, but his mother ran to keep suspicion from her son, and maybe he will be able to tell if the Champion is Kate.


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