Accidental Dragon

Main Characters:

Marty (Were – Accidental Werewolf), Wanda (Were-Vamp – Accidentally Human), Nina (Vamp – Accidentally Dead) and the cast of characters from previous installments (including Casey (Demon – Accidentally Demonic), Darnell (Demon), Jeannie (Genie – Accidental Genie), Carl (Zombie) etc.)


Tessa – Owner of an antiques shop in Vermont.  Gets turned into a Dragon too.  She’s been in love with Mick since they were little.

Mick – hunky firefighter, best friend of Tessa’s brother (Noah, who is deceased) and also turned into a Dragon.  He is trying to stay away from Tessa because right before Noah died, Mick told Noah he was in love with Tessa and Noah told Mick to stay away because he wasn’t good enough for her.

Frank – the client who ordered the “spice”.  He can plane hop – and he is dead.  Not a ghost, but made a minion by accident.

Noah – Tessa’s dead brother and Mick’s dead best friend

Locations: Vermont

Main Premise – Tessa owns an antiques store.  At the beginning of the book, Mick accidentally sets fire to it (by breathing fire).  We learn that he watches Tessa because of his relationship with Noah before Noah died.  He was at the store and had a headache.  He went to the bathroom to take some powdered aspirin and accidentally ingested some “spice” that Tessa was hired to find for a client.  Our OOOPs ladies are in Vermont on vacation and happen to be about to walk into the store when Mick starts his fire breathing act.

Turns out the spice was dragon scales.  And after setting the store on fire, the group heads to Tessa’s house.  Where they discover that Tessa is also a dragon.  Wings and all (which are super painful to put away).  And she pops out a dragon egg.  Meanwhile, dragon scales mixed with brimstone can open the gates of Hell so folks can get out so the big bad guy is desperate to get the egg (because baby dragon is more powerful) now.  Tessa and Mick need to make some magic (yes, that is a double entendre)   happen to fertilize the egg.  And they do.  Frank threatens that the world will end if Tessa and Mick don’t turn over the egg.  And naturally, our Paranormal Brady Bunch is having none of that…!

Chaos ensues.  The gang needs to chase the egg to Hell to rescue it.  Casey and Darnell try but they are captured.  Frank manages to open a portal and Tessa falls through with him and goes after her egg.  They meet Hildegard, the Demon from Casey’s book (remember, Hildegard is the Demon who was bonded to Casey’s now husband but Casey got him out of that bond and Hildegard is pissed and wants out of Hell).  Fight ensues.  Noah comes down from Heaven to save the day and takes care of Hildegard (makes her disappear).  He explains that when Mick turned because Tessa was his true mate the magic turned Tessa too.  But he also explains that he only said that because he was jealous since he too was in love with Mick.  But he wants Tessa and Noah to be together.  The gang escapes from Hell and heads home to watch the egg hatch into baby dragon Noa (little girl).

How it ended?  Happily Ever After, of course!  Epilogue shows us, like with a number of the previous installments, that the accidentally paranormal gang is a happy family, enjoying each other.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  The identity of the characters seem to be the most important things to remember here.  Assuming there will be another book.  Hildegard took me by surprise since her book was a few books ago, but it is wonderful to see the entire cast again.


Favorite Quote (and this says a lot because I was smiling and laughing at so much in this book):  “You, Sir Scales-a-Lot, are a soon-to-be proud daddy.  Yay, for impregnating a woman from one hundred paces.  We shall call you and your little swimmies manly-man from this day forwards.”


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