#2: Pocket Full of Posies

Main Characters:

Lana, Josie, Grim, Gabriel and all the rest from book 1.

New Characters:

Craig – an ex-boyfriend of Lana’s and a total ass and suck-up.

Beelzebub – aka Bub.  Lord of the flies and demon prince.  Teaching Lana a course on demon defense because Cindy Morningstar insists.

Amy – the demon Gabriel is dating.

Jack – Bub’s man servant.

Main Premise: Lana has been promoted to captain of the Posy unit.  Josie is put on the unit with her.  Jannie was promoted to Grim’s second in command.  Lana is being blackmailed by Horus to find a replacement for Winston because Winston, turns out, is King Tut reincarnated.  So, Lana is balancing her new job with looking for Winston’s replacement  .

How it ended: coming soon

Other important things to remember for later:

Lana undid Craig.  Totally.  No one remembers him.  But he was working with Seth’s demons.  Trisiphone is a lower fury, who only goes after murderers and she is after Lana.  Bub and Lana are now an item and Lana and Maalik didn’t end very well.  Bub knows Lana killed Wyoset but doesn’t make a big deal of it.  It looks like most of the rebels have been captured.  Lana is now living at Holly House since a crazy demon attacked Lana and torched her apartment.  Josie, Kevin and Jannie are Lana’s new roommates.  The nephilim have been elevated to legitimate and are now guards working for Grim.