Accidental Human

Main Characters:

Wanda – only given a little bit of time to live.  She has cancer.  She spends most of the book hiding it from her friends and family.

Heath – Was a vampire, until his sire was killed.  Has a man-servant.  Moves in with Wanda and they fall in love.

Nina – bad-ass vampire from book #2 and friend to Wanda.  She realizes that despite the fact that she spent the whole last book looking for a way to become human again, that if word gets out how to do it, the vamp community could face all sorts of trouble.  She agrees, with Marty, that they have to turn Wanda to save her.

Marty – our color obsessed, cosmetics obsessed werewolf from book #1.  She and Nina agree to turn Wanda.

Locations:  NY

Main Premise:  Finds out that the sickness she was feeling in book #2 is cancer and she hasn’t caught it in time to do anything other then set her affairs in order.  She meets Heath, who she knows there’s something more to him but doesn’t know what, in the beginning.  Turns out, when he became human after his vamp sire was killed all the money and homes and stuff he had before disappeared since it really was a result of his imagination/magic.  They fall in love.  Then, Nina and Marty botch turning Wanda to save her and she becomes half werewolf-half vamp.  Heath becomes a vamp again to save her even though he was really happy as a human again.

Other important things to remember for later: I think for these the synopsis sums it up.  We’ll see though after I dive into Accidentally Catty.

Review:  This is a cute little series. I was glad to see that Wanda’s story doesn’t start out with the phone call then explanation as to how she’s in an odd situation like the first two books.

The Bobbie Sue thing is funny – the whole color wheel and aura thing is sooo very girlie (not me) that it’s funny to read about. I liked the mystery surrounding Heath and who he was/what species of paranormal is was/is. After reading the author’s notes though, I did expect to see a little more about Wanda’s illness, but no big deal that we didn’t. The relationship that has developed between Nina, Marty and Wanda is awesome. Nina is a bulldog and I love it. Marty is no pushover either and the scenes with all three of the ladies are great.

I was a little disturbed/disappointed by how Heath became human. Made me look back and took away (albeit after-the-fact) from book 2 and Nina’s story. I almost wish he had been some other type of para species so that it didn’t make me feel like the author just didn’t know how to make someone accidentally human.

The ending was satisfying and the love story was cute. The sexiness factor has increased with each book in the series (and I have #4 about 1/3 finished, and am hoping that trend continues).

These aren’t great literature, but are cute, funny little escapes from reality (just like Nina teases Wanda for reading this genre in book #2). Although, for as quick a read as they are, it’s hard to justify the full $15 cover price. I am glad I bought this one and #4 used since I read them in about 5 hours, and that seems just a little too fast for the price (considering my other PNR series favorites are $7.99 list price and sexier and take longer to read).


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