1: The Familiar

Main Characters:

Cassie – Eunice’s granddaughter and un-knowing witch.  She inherits Eunice’s stuff, including Cat.

Eunice – Old lady witch who has all sorts of nasty plans.  She has kept Cat for years.  And she has lots of secrets and secret plans, that will benefit her.  She isn’t very nice or very well liked.

Cat aka Tom – Tom was Gillian’s husband 45 years ago.  He was having an affair with Eunice when she turned him into a cat and has kept him ever since as her personal “attendant”.

Gillian – a member of Eunice’s coven and Tom’s Ex (when he was human).

Kevin – a member of the coven and totally after the power.  He wants to take over from his father but he is creepy and a pervert.

Robert – Kevin’s dad.  Head warlock of the coven (high preist to Eunice’s high preistess status).  He seems decent and doesn’t know about all the creepy stuff Kevin does.

Main Premise:  When Eunice dies (or is probably murdered) Cassie is left everything and needs to decide what to do about her Gran’s store, powers, and Cat.  Told mostly from Cat’s perspective.

Locations:  Small town of Giles outside Salem.

How it ended:  Tom can’t separate from Cat completely, but he does get the ability to control his shifting back (mostly).  Gillian and Cassie and coven get help from some French witches who specialize in bringing out the beast side of folks.  They get Tom some control by having him injected with some of Cassie’s blood, which had some of Gran’s blood in it.  So, if Tom is ever shifted against his will, he can shift back.  They also destroy all the magical objects which force shift him if he tries to leave the house.  Cassie has dumped her ex (Dan) for good and she and Tom get together.  Then, (and Ok, so this is really how the epilogue ended) Cassie goes up to the attic to start cleaning Gran’s things out and finds an old Egyptian box and when she reads the symbols on the top, Eunice’s spirit is now in Cassie.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

The old French witch told Cassie that there must be some purpose that Eunice donated blood to Cassie when she was little, but we don’t know what it is.  It could be the thing about the Egyptian box or it might be something else.  Kevin still has his powers (and is probably pretty pissed) but anything he touches with magic will burn him – thanks to his Dad not liking what Kevin was up to.