4: Tempting Ecstasy

Main Characters:

Conn – a guardian and the resident tech nerd.  Also half wolf.  Dacia’s mate.  He scented her at Cynthia’s complex.

Dacia – half wolf.  Immortal who has lived in the Earth realm her whole life with her family.  She was searching for other Immortals, but also kind of hiding from them too.  She and her siblings were very uninformed about the entire immortal/guardian/gods/demi-gods universe and the current events.  Conn’s mate.

Mia (who is rapidly fixated on Jax, but doesn’t seem to be mated to him), Zoe, Isa (the oldest sister and very smart and calculating) – Dacia’s sisters

Hagen, Conn,  Jerric – Dacia’s brothers.

Apollo – one of the Gods who turned awful and experimented on people.  Bad, bad God!

Rain – Alyssa’s best friend.  Mageia, with water being her element.  She is fascinated with the human realm.  She is Dorian’s mate.

Dorian – a guardian and half water creature.

Brianne – One of the female guardians.  She is part bird.  And she has beenin a relationship with Vane.  When they are in a battle and Vane tries to come to her aid, but is taken out, she outs their relationship by the way she reacts and tries to suck the poison out of a wound.  That leads to them both being passed out for some time.  Definitely mated with Vane, but it is unclear what this will mean as both are again unconscious and they are changing as they bond.

Vane – one of Alex’s twin brothers.  Half lion.  See above about what happens between Vane and Brianne.

Erik – one of Alex’s twin brothers.  Half lion.  Mated to Sam.

Sam – one of the Mageia who was kidnapped and experimented on.  Mated to Erik.  She has an elemental power – earth power – over metal.

Gregoire – Guardian and Alyssa’s mate.  He is good friend’s with Alyssa’s parents so when she was born and he visited to see the babe, he discovered she would one day be his mate.  He agreed to keep his distance until she was old enough to be claimed.

Alyssa – Half horse immortal.  She is Gregoire’s mate.  She thinks Gregoire didn’t want her.  She thought this because her parent’s kept her sheltered.  She is small for her breed.  She also designs clothing.

Uri – Guardian and primary male protagonist in this installment.

Alex – a demi-goddess.  Has the ability to “mind hop” and telepathy. Primary female protagonist.

Drake – the Guardian leader and a dragon.

Sirena – female Guardian and doctor/healer.

Cyril – big bad guy.  Offspring of two gods.  Now dead, but still referred to.

Elizabeth – one of the bad guys.

Kane and Angus – more bad guys.

Cynthia – a human or Mageia who is helping Elizabeth get other female Mageia so they can be experimented on.  Stays super young through a serum which is actually Aletheia semen (not sure if she knows that or not).

Jax – a guardian.

Havoc – a Hellhound that is Uri’s “puppy”.

Sacha – a guardian.

Bastian – a guardian.

Sander – a guardian.

Porthos – a guardian. Also referred to just as “P”.

Tria – group of three

Tynan – owns a private pleasure island where Alyssa and Rain went in the last book.  Friends with Dorian and participates in Dorian and Rain’s mating ceremony to turn Rain immortal.

Locations: Tetartos – another dimension/realm and Earth.

Main Premise:  There are a bunch of Immortal Guardians on Earth protecting the Earth and humanity while the Gods (think Greek Gods) have been exiled because they were really bad thousands of years ago, but they were simply put to sleep.  And while they take their nap, the Guardians watch over.  There are mageia – basically witches of some sort.  And there seem to be demons too.  The bad guys are performing experiments on the mageia so that they can take over the world (you know the drill…!).

Elizabeth is now in charge of the bad guys and she has some sort of “rod” artifact that she is planning on using to her advantage.  Or really, she is going to have Cynthia use it since Cynthia is really the one who has it (Elizabeth knew where it was though).  The rod is the Deleastis Rod, which was supposed to have been destroyed when the Creators eradicated the Doulos cuffs that Apollo used to imprison people.  It was a magical staff with the power to lure Immortals to is.  Shaped like a twisted dragon, and it needs to be activated to work.

How it ended?  The Guardians lost one of the Gods they are supposed to watch over and keep imprisoned.  Because Elizabeth had Cynthia use the rod and got Apollo.  Turns out Elizabeth was Apollo’s pet and she needed a descendant of Apollo to activate it – which Dacia and all her siblings are.  Cynthia used Jerric to call Apollo to Earth and the Cynthia sent Apollo to Elizabeth.  Sirena admitted to being Apollo’s relation too.  Elizabeth ca’t do anything with Apollo at this point though because Drake has the only key – from the Creators.  But the Guardians are pissed and want Apollo back.  Dacia’s other two brothers were brought to the manor in Tetartos.  Conn and Dacia are mated.

Other Things to Remember for Later: Guardians can’t even injure a human or the pain/damage they inflict will come back at them 10 fold.  There are 12 guardians, all lead by Drake.  The Guardians all have some telepathic link and they can teleport – just not through metal.  There are limits on immortals mating and there is something called the “mating frenzy” (I don’t think I really need to explain that further…).   Most of the Guardians seem to have something different/unique from the others.  Like so many of this genre, there is a “blood-bond” that occurs as part of the official mating ceremony.  Alex and her brothers can’t return to earth now that they are in Tetartos because of the banishing spell that effects the gods (and them since they are demi-gods).  Charybdis was being experimented on by Hermes and Apollo and she created the spell that kept the immortal races from being bred like livestock – but it turned into a curse too.  And (I think) she is alive somewhere. And Ares and Artemis are the parents to the Tria, who were helping Cyril.  Elizabeth escaped and so did Cynthia.  The Guardians think they may have kept the serum that allowed Cyril around the curse a secret.  Kane was last in charge of keeping Elizabeth in line.  Elizabeth has the ability to contact Cynthia in the Earth/human realm, which is a power that seems to be unique to her (at least among the bad guys).  There is no way around the mating frenzy once it starts – and scent can set it off for immortals but it seems to require touch for humans.

Alex gets “knowings” which are like super strong intuitions/prophecies that can’t be ignored.  In one battle the Guardians notice that the Hell creatures seem more advanced, evolved, bigger, etc.  In that same battle Brianne and Vane are disabled (and in their coma’s share dreams and start to blend/mate).  Rain was able to teleport to Earth even without holding Havoc.  The guardians found a breeding lab when they went to where Kane sent them.  Kane’s sister went mad because she lost her mate in a battle over a century before.  The lead scientist (Ian) was captured.  Elizabeth is crazy.  Kane’s sister’s name is Isaura.  Angus is now dead too, with Kane.  All sorts of children were rescued from the secret lab (babies too).  Cynthia was cut out of the picture by Kane.  Vane woke up and went to Brianne and marked her.  Conn seems to have found a mate too – but only sort of, as he scented her the night of the explosion but he can’t physically find her.

Dacia’s intuition is more power really, like Alex’s knowings.  Elizabeth has been found by someone (who left guard heads on spikes) and she is totally pissed she can’t wake up Apollo.  There are Kairos on Earth somewhere.  The rod wasn’t working really.  Mia really, really wants Jax, but he rejected her.