Eternal Ones

Main Characters:

Haven Moore – she’s had visions of a boy named Ethan for years.  And she has been getting help for her visions from a local pastor (grandmother is a crazy religious fanatic).  Turns out, Haven is Constance reincarnated.  And Have and Ethan had a love affair that spans lifetimes.  And Haven’s visions involve NYC (which she’s never been to) and Constance.  Haven decides, however, to run away.  After the bible thumping hits an apex when Haven gets kicked out of school.

Iain Morrow – famous rich boy.  Turns out he is Ethan, reincarnated.

Beau Becker – Haven’s best friend from TN.  He comes to Haven’s rescue.  He’s gay, and an awesome character.

Ouroboros Society – it is really a character itself.  It’s the big bad group of folks who know all about the cycle of reincarnation and they are trying to keep Iain and Haven apart.

Main Premise:  Ethan/Iain and Haven/Constance are a couple, in love, reincarnated.  But throughout the story, we get information leading us to believe that Ethan killed Constance.  But we really don’t know.

Locations: Snope City, Tenneessee, New York City, Italy

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  The Devil did it.  That is, the Devil is responsible for the reincarnation and the trouble between Ethan/Iain and Constance/Haven.  I still really don’t know whether Ethan killed Constance or not.


This one is hard to rate. The story of reincarnation isn’t new in the YA world. The mixing in of a secret society was nice – but not really developed enough. The thing that bothered me most about this book was how easily swayed Haven was by snippets of information from third parties and random sources. I expected to wonder throughout the book myself whether or not Iain was really her true love or not, but I wasn’t.

The idea was intriguing. There seemed like there might be a real mystery on hand. Reincarnation has sooo many potential opportunities that this could have been a really fun story. But things started to drag out. And while this could be a stand alone because things are sort of tied up at the end, I couldn’t help but snicker when the devil became involved. Yep, I said it. The devil. He’s one of the driving forces behind all this. I am sure there will be a second book, and I will give that a chance, but I am hoping that I won’t be quite as disappointed as I was with this one. The end and resolution came too fast – and was totally anti-climactic. I thought ending up in that pit where such terrible things happened in the past had tremendous story (and creepiness) potential, but alas, if you blinked you could have missed that scene. It was like we were on the case, and then, oopps, the books ended.

The fun things: Haven’s uber-religious grandmother. She was so over-the-top, that I found myself laughing at her (although I am not sure that’s what the author intended). Haven’s friend Beau is awesome. He definitely wasn’t in the book enough. I had hoped that he would accompany Haven to NYC, but no such luck. And that’s a shame, because I think he would have been something that made many scenes more enjoyable. The female villain (I forget her name at the moment) had potential too. Although she get off awful easy.

The character development for Iain/Ethan was lacking and we need more. We need more Beau. And we need more story development. If there is a mystery, let it play out. The book was 99.999% mystery (and of that only 25% was original material the rest was simply the same thing over again. Haven flips back and forth with whether or not she trusts Iain – I can only take so much of that) and then .001% resolution. I would rather it have ben a total cliffhanger for the next book then the shorthanded “resolution” we are given.

Again, I hope the next one is better.


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