#2 Fractured Souls

Main Characters:

Gemma – a girl who turns out to have part of a star hidden inside her.  She is also a keeper, even though she didn’t know it.   Gemma is also a Foreseer.

Alex Avery – a Keeper.  Turns out he also harbors a part of the star.  He and Gemma seem to be falling for one another.

Aislin – Alex’s sister.  She also has wicca magic (turns out it’s black magic).  One of the things she can do is use crystals to transport people.

Stephan Avery – Alex’s and Aislin’s father.  He wants to free an evil magician from the portal, and he needs Gemma and Aslin, Alex and Leyland to do it.

Nicholas – a Foreseer, who appears to have history with Alex.  Part Faerie.  He is working with Stephan.

Dyvinius – leader of the Foreseers.

Laylen – a former Keeper.  Now a vampire.  Looks like there was something between he and Aislin.  He knew Jocelyn (although he is said to only be a few years older so how well, and the fact that he thinks Gemma looks so much like Jocelyn, well, I question).  He was turned three years before the events in the book and has been out of touch with the keepers since.  He is immortal, has a level of control over his blood lust, and has the ability to manipulate emotions.

Demetrius – leader of the death Walkers and the person who wants to use the power of the star to open the portal.  We don’t meet him, we just hear about him.

Death Walkers  – creatures that look like the walking dead and use the cold to kill.  They also make everything around them cold.  They can breath the Chill of Death on people and it’s lethal.

Jocelyn – Gemma’s mother.  Sent by Stephan to the Underworld, she has been there for 14 years.

Adessa – a witch in Las Vegas.

Mirages – fake persons, they take any form.

Queen of the Underworld – (pretty obvious)

Estella Evernandy – Black magic Witch.

Locations: Las Vegas, the Crystal City, the Underworld

Main Premise:  Gemma wants to go to the Underwolrd to rescue her mom.  Leylan takes her to a club to find out if her mom is still alive.  To get into the club and to get the help of the man who

With some help from Nicholas, she does a little training to learn how to use a particular crystal to get there.  Turns out though that Nicholas is working with Stephan.

The star is split up – inside Alex, Aislin and Gemma.  Aislin learned black magic.  Leyland wasn’t accidentally turned.  Stephan is looking for a way to free Malefiscus, a very powerful evil person.  Stephan is a descendent of Malefiscus.  He had the mark of Malefiscus, but his parents cut it off trying to hide it.

How it ended:  Leyland takes off after learning that he was intentionally turned.  Gemma, Aislin and Alex go to search for him but Nicholas using the mirage trick ends up bringing Gemma to Stephan.  Stephan brands Gemma with the evil mark and Gemma says she is going to go to Alex to kill him.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

Malefiscus has Fey, Witch, Vampire and Foreseer blood in him.  When his brother, Hektor captured with him, they imprisoned him in the portal.  The portal was sealed with the blood of three – a keeper who was also a vampire, a keeper who was also a witch and a keeper who was also a faerie.  And the power of the fallen star was the final step in the seal.  Every witch, faerie and vampire who are descendants of Malefiscus’ first followers, and all the death walkers, will be under Malefiscus’ control if he gets out.

Pixies and Fea often have violet eyes like Gemma.

Draven had the evil mark but Leylan couldn’t/didn’t see it.  Leylan had control over his blood lust until Draven made him bite Gemma.  Seems that Gemma has managed to break the pull of the bite, but Leylan seems to still struggle with the blood lust.

Alex and Gemma became like blood brothers when they were little, using “Forem” – a word meaning forever – who knows if this is important.

Stephan tells Gemma that she and Alex can never love one another because it will ignite the power and real true love will kill the power and themselves.  If they fall in love the star is ruined – Stephan was told so in a vision.

Alex’s sacrifice – or giving her the locket (there is some inconsistency as Stephan mentions the locket but Gemma thinks “Alex’s sacrifice”) at the end of the first book kept Stephan away from Gemma for a time, somehow.

The Queen was stopped from killing Gemma but they don’t know why or how.  (I am guessing love – because Gemma was so afraid when she was seeing visions of bad things happening to Alex).  Alex thought it might be the pendent.

We don’t know why Stephan put the star in Alex and Gemma.  Stephan knows what to do because a Foreseer saw it in a vision – Jocelyn reacts very badly when Gemma asks if her father was the one who saw the vision.

Stephan teases that Gemma’s father was an evil Foreseer too though.

Review: not provided.



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