Otherworld Assassin

Author: Gena Showalter

US Publisher: Mass Market Paperback


  1. Last Kiss Goodnight
  2. Black and Blue
  3. TBA (I assume there will be a third as there were three young men described as like-brothers who seem to be half of the main couple in the first two – so I assume we will at some point get the third as well)


Everything I have read, and the cover of LKG itself, proclaim this to be the first in a sizzling new series.  But, like with many of the other folks who have read and reviewed this book, I think sizzling is a little misleading.  The author has every right to write what she wants and not write what she doesn’t.  But I think the publishers shouldn’t try to sell me something – when this book is clearly not what they claim it to be.  As a result, I really struggled with where to categorize this series.  It’s certainly romance, because we are faced with the love stories.  And it’s alien, and I don’t usually separate out alien into another category, instead they usually sit in the PNR category too.  But, the steam, spice, sizzle, what ever you want to call all that juicy blush inducing stuff that is typically in the PNR books, and was in the start of Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series (and not so much now – see my latest reviews) is not here.  Neither is her wit and dark sense of humor.

You have been warned…!

p.s. I will add that I write this after having only read the first book in the series.

UPDATE:   found the following on Showalter’s website about this new “series”:  ”

Q: Will Dallas get a book?  What about the Otherworld Assassins series?

A: Right now, I have no more Alien Huntress or Otherworld Assassin books under contract.  However, Dallas appears briefly in Last Kiss Goodnight but has a bigger role in Black and Blue.  BUT.  I would like to write his happily ever after one day, one way or another.  Nothing is currently in the works, however, and I’m sorry for that! “

Sooooo… might really only be 2 books, which is really more like a book and a sequel, not a series.  But that’s just my opinion…



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