Dark Fever

Main Characters:

MacKayla Lane:  Her sister has been murdered so she heads off to Ireland to figure out what is going on.  Turns out that Mac can see the Fae.

Jericho Barrons – owns a book store and knows more then he lets on.  He’s not quite human, I think.  He owns a books store and is looking for the Sinsar Dubh (a book).

V’lane – a Fae.

Fiona – runs Barrons Books and Baubles.  She older and has a thing for Barrons.

Main Premise: Mac goes to Ireland after getting a voice message from her sister the day before she was killed – and the police have no leads as to the killer.  Mac discovers that she is a sidhe-seer and can see the fae.  And she learns that her sister was involved in some way in a search for a book of dark magic.

Locations: Ireland

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Coming Soon!



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