2: Barely Bewitched

Main Characters:  The cast from before:  Tammy Jo, Bryn, Zach, Jenna, Merc and Tammy’s other friends.


Incendio – a level 8 warlock with awesome fire magic power.  Sent, we are told initially, to train Tammy Jo for her test.  Turns out he was there to figure out a way to bring Bryn down (or kill him).  Killed by our little sneaky wand-weilding friend Jordan in an attempt to get more power and take over the WAM.

Jordan – a wizard (who has to use a wand – and as an aside, I like the explanation as to why some use a wand and some don’t here, it’s inventive) who is sent to train Tammy Jo for her test.  But, turns out he’s really after power.  He kills Jensen.

Abby – we think, at first, she a loving little innocent girl.  Turns out she a nasty little fairy.  Tammy Jo learns her real name from Edie and then Abby is forced to help Tammy Jo collect the fairy dust that was let loose.

Main Premise:  Here, Tammy Jo is supposed to be training for a magical test.  She’s not having much luck.  Again, her powers only really seem to work after being around Bryn.  Turns out that she ends up under a spell and lets a whole bunch of fairy dust out, sending the town into crazy-ville.  She spends a lot of time tying to fix things and typically only makes them worse.  She ends up arrested, framed for murder, commits theft, almost kills Bryn (when he rescues her from the spell, he takes it into himself and he is way more affected by it then she was and he almost dies).  Tammy and Zach still go back and forth with their relationship and she gets closer to Bryn too (oh, how she’s torn!).  With help from Abby/nasty pixie fairy everything ends up under control.  The changeling switches places again bringing the real Abby back and all the legal troubles for Tammy go away.  Zach learns the truth about the existence of all the supes and now can’t ignore it and he ends up taking off to learn to be some supernatural cop or something.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Turns out Bryn is probably part selkie.  Tammy Jo is half fairy (her dad was some Celtic fairy knight).  Merc still rocks!  Tammy Jo promised the changeling that she wouldn’t call her or use her true name again (don’t know if this will be important).  Tammy Jo was able to get all her jewelry back (stole back the ring and broach from Jenna; got the earrings back with a little help from Edie as a house was burning down around Tammy and the earrings have a protection spell on them).  And Zach made Tammy promise to not decide between he and Bryn until Zach gets back (we’ll see how that goes!).  Incendio had run into Tammy’s Aunt Mel at one point, and with her aunt and mom still missing (we have no idea where they are), no idea if that will be important later!

Review:  I read this and the first installment back-to-back.  Literally put the first down and picked up the next.  So some of the details sort of smushed together.  I still think PNR isn’t really the right category.  Maybe fantasy (I think of the Nicole Peeler book’s categorization) or even mystery (thinking Madelyn Alt now) would be more appropriate.  There are some touching moments, and the author tells us at one point that Bryn and Tammy Jo had a night (and there’s lots of kissing between them), but that’s really it.  The love-triangle thing with Zach and Bryn just isn’t really enough for me to put it in that category.  Especially since it really doesn’t lead to enough of the steaminess that I expect to see in the PNR.  The mysteries are cute, the characters are addicting and the dialogue is cute.  The plots are a little convoluted, but again, that’s this genre for you.  Looking forward to seeing where the third in the series goes.


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