Revenants are souls (my word, not the author’s) who don’t permanently die.  They die and then are reanimated, back at the age they were when the died the first time.  And, the revenants save people and die in their place time and time again.  The numa are the evil version; they convince people to kill themselves or the numa outright kill and they stay young forever.  The group we are following in the first book (at least, since Until I Die, #2, isn’t expected to be published until 2012) are in Paris.  And the first book (again, at least) is the start of the love story between Kate (normal human) and Vincent (revenant).

Author: Amy Plum

US Publisher: Harper Teen


  1. Die for Me
  2. Until I Die
  3. (listed as 3.5, which likely means e-only…) Die for Her
  4. If I should Die


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