Southern Witch

This set is in the one woman, multiple books category.  And, while I picked it up from the romance section in the book store, it is what I have seen categorized as “sweet confection”, meaning that there are unconsumated sensual scenes or love scenes without any real description of the action.  The most action we get here are some steamy kisses.  So, if you are looking for more steam then that, see some of the other series in the PNR category.  But this is an entertaining set, so far.  Our main character, Tammy Jo Trask was born to a family of witches, but when the series starts, she thinks she has no powers.  Boy oh boy, is she wrong!

Author:  Kimberly Frost

US Publisher: Berkley Trade


  1. Would-Be Witch
  2. Barely Bewitched
  3. Halfway Hexed
  4. Slightly Spellbound
  5. Casually Cursed

Interim “books” (and their corresponding numbers as per goodreads):

0.4 – Tammy’s First Kiss
0.5 – Magic Ingredient
3.5 – Magical Misfire

(Another set where I am diggin’ the covers!) (note:  right up until #4 – not a big fan of the 4th…. I liked the drawings better than the photo covers!)


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