#2 The Runaway Queen

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Count Axel von Fersen

Marcel Saint Cloud – a Paris vampire who was old, powerful and dangerous.

Henri – one of Saint Cloud’s darlings.

Claud – one of Bane’s servants.

Ragnor – Magnus’ pet monkey.

Locations: France

Main Premise:  Axel comes to Magnus to get help with a planned escape for the French Royal family during the French Revolution.  Magnus likes Axel so he agrees.  The escape goes bad and Marie Antoinette ends up at a vampire party and Magnus needs to escape that with her.  He does so, but incurs the wrath of Saint Cloud in doing so.  At the end, he flees paris and never gets to be “friends” with Axel like he wanted.

Important Things to Remember for Later:  Like with the first installment, I don’t know if any of this could be important later.  It seems highly doubtful anyway… if I need to come back and add, I will.  Although I will note that there is a brief mention of some jewelry that Magnus escapes Paris with as well as the Gray Book.  

Review:  Well, this was marginally better than the first chronicle.  There were a few charming points, such as naming the pet monkey Ragnor.  While I get that this is a short story, it wasn’t much more than a mere glimpse of Magnus.  “This standalone e-only short story illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane, whose alluring personality…” that’s what goodreads says about this – but there’s not really any illumination because its so darn short.

I wil admit the story itself is cute and the dialogue is better. That’s about all I am willing to say at the moment or this page and review could end up longer than the story itself!


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