Dangerous Dream


Ridley, Link, Ethan, Liv, John and Lena from the Caster Chronicles.  Plus, we see a lot of others fromt eh first series mentioned.




Locations: Gaitlin and NYC

Main Premise:

Link declares his love for Ridley and she freaks.  She leaves South Carolina for the summer, but she can’t really get over him.  Then she finds out he is moving to NYC anyway.  She heads to a club in NYC and gets herself into a game of (basically) bullshit but caster style where powers are the wagers.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

Ridley gets caught cheating and has to find a drummer for a caster band as part of the punishment.  We also learn that there is a type of creature we haven’t seen before – a Darkborn.  Apparently, Sampson is one.  And when the Order of Things was broken, things changed.  Sampson was working for Lennox.  Liv and John are off to London, Ethan and Lena to college.  And Ridley owes not just a drummer but another marker too because of the way she cheated not only in the game but her way into the game.


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