To Kill a Warlock

Main Characters:

Dulcie O’Neil – a fairy who works a cop of sorts, monitoring other paranormal creatures.  She is also an aspiring writer, trying to write a romance novel.

Knight Vander – a Loki

Quillan – Dulcie’s boss at the Netherworld Authority and an Elf.  Dulcie lusts after him most of the book, even having him serve as the inspiration for her male protagonist in the book she is writing.

Sam – a witch who helps Dulcie out, and Dulcie’s best friend.

Bram – a vampire who dated Sam.  He runs No Regrets, a nightclub where some of the action takes place.  Creepy, but not in an evil sort of way (more in a man-whore kind of way).

Dagan – a demon who runs Payne (an S&M club) who wants Dulcie – or something from her anyway.  He is an informant, but doesn’t like to be.  And, there is a price to be paid for any piece of information he shares.  Seems to like Dulcie in a weird sort of way.

Trey – Dulcie’s “partner”.  He’s a hobgoblin and Dulcie doesn’t seem like his biggest fan.  But when he gets attacked and needs a friend (and place to stay) Dulcie comes through for him. He’s sarcastic and kind of a brute.

Main Premise: A warlock has been killed and Dulcie was one of the last to see him (and it wasn’t a pleasant interaction).  She is suspended for a time but stays on the case anyway.  Knight, who seems to be hiding something, has her working it too.  Turns out Knight is a big-wig, internal affairs type.  And Quillan, well… he turns out to be the bad guy.

Who dun it?  Quillan.

Locations: Splendor, California

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Quillan took off with a bunch of illegal potions.  Dulcie changed directions with her swashbuckling romance novel and used Bram as her muse to write a vampire story instead.  Quillan is on the loose.  Dulcie will consult for the ANC (Assoc. of Netherworld Creatures) when needed.  Creatures need to register with the ANC when the arrive from the Netherworld.  Knight is acting Chief of ANC HQ.  Dulcie has man issues because she had a bad experience that left her merely day-dreaming/writing about romance instead of trying to live it.

No Review provided as of the moment.


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