City of Bones

Main Characters:

Clary Fray – a 15 year old teeager who was raised by her mother.  She was raised in NY City and her mother was an artist.  She has bright red hair and freckles.  One night while out in a club she notices some events that no one else seems top notice.  turns out she can see into the shadows, unlike everyone else, because she is part Shadowhunter.  She has a thing for Jace.

Jace Wayland – a Shadowhunter who was orphaned when his father was murdered.  He lives with the Lightwoods and Hodge at the Institute in NY City.  He is the best Shadowhunter.  He has a thing for Clary.  He is arrogant and obnoxious.  His name is short for Jonathan Christopher.

Simon – Clary’s best friend and a human.  He is totally infatuated with Clary.

Isabelle Lightwood – another Shadowhunter living at the Institute.

Alec Lightwood – Isabelle’s brother.  And he’s totally into Jace, even though Jace isn’t into guys.

Luke – He, like Clary’s mother, was once a Shadowhunter.  He is now a werewolf however.  He is in love with Clary’s mother and has always been there for the two of them.  He was once part of a Circle created by Jace’s father, Valentine.

Hodge – the tutor at the Institute.  A curse keeps him at he Institute, the curse was a punishment.

Main Premise:  The world is inhabited by downworlders – vampires, werewolves, fae, etc. – and Shadowhunters, a group who keep them in check.  Jace, Alec and Isabelle are teenage Shadowhunters, born and rasied as such.  Clary isn’t.  At least, she doesn’t know she is.  She is born to a former Shadowhunter, who is hiding from that world.  But, Clary, one night at a club sees the Shadowhunters and she becomes tangled up in the world.  And, she’s got a thing for Jace – but they appear to be the typical “can’t be together, hate each other at first, etc.” couple.  And, we learn that they shouldn’t be together late in the book.

Locations:  NY City

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  The Clave is the governing body of the Shadowhunters.  Clary’s mother is in a coma.  Hodge explains about a group of Shadowhunters called the ircle who tried to kill all the “downworlders” aka supernaturals.  The Circle was disbanded and punished and we learn that the Lightwoods, Luke, Clary’s mother were all part of the Circle, lead by Valentine.

The Silent Brothers, a group of monks who are silent (but can talk telepathically) discover a block in Clary’s mind .  We learn that Magnus Bane, a Warlock, has been helping Clarys mom keep the block.

We meet, breifly, a few of the characters from the Tithe series by Holly Black, at a party where Simon is turned into a rat.

We learn that Clary can draw runes, new ones, which shouldn’t be possible.  And we learn that there are the Mortal Instruments which are hidden.  Hodge betrays the group and gives Valentine, who is obviously not dead, the Mortal Cup.  Turns out that Valentine tells Jace that he’s Jace’s father as well as Clary’s making them siblings.  Alec and Magnus start to have a thing after Magnus heals Alec.  Valentine has the cup at the end.


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