The Magnolia League

In the same vein as the Caster Chronicles, we have a bunch of southerners knee deep in the practice of magic, and not in a good way.  An outsider (here it’s Alex), a love story (sort of – Alex and Thad) and some sinister characters.  Hoodoo is the stuff we are dealing with here and we’ll just have to see where it goes, and how many books we will get.

Author: Katie Crouch

US Publisher: Poppy


  1. The Magnolia League (November 2011)
  2. White Glove War  (2012)



    1. Hi there! I have been unable to confirm any details regarding book 3. The author’s Facebook page has recent posts asking about it, but no response from the author.

      Then I found this:
      “Okay y’all it’s time to pull together and save this awesome series! I recently tweeted author Katie Crouch asking if we would get a book 3 in the Magnolia League series and she responded saying maybe if there is a twitter campaign. So, I am trying to get one going! Please help me with this tweet ANY AND ALL bloggers you know ANY AND ALL people who work for Poppy books (Part of Hatchet book group, Little Brown books) and let’s flood twitter with this! I’ve started a hashtag for it as well #MagnoliaLeague AND #SavetheMagnoliaLeague. Please please please help save this wonderful series! How awesome would it be to show the publisher that the readers want more of this series, if enough of us flood them with it, maybe we can make it happen!” (link to site:

      I will just say, that even if the author writes a #3, this reader is OUT. Really? A freakin’ twitter campaign? This hit such a nerve that I am going to write a separate post on this. I am DONE with this author and series.

      If you don’t feel the outrage that I do, and there is a third, hope you enjoy it. Honestly, I do. I just won’t be joining other readers.


      1. Wow, I have been looking for information on this series, and I have to say you’re out of line to post another bloggers content on your site. I assume you never asked their permission to copy and paste their content. Then to poke fun at them on your site and state you’re going to write a whole blog post about them?
        That it beyond rude.


      2. Well, sorry if this offended. If you read my post carefully, you will note that I quoted and gave attribution to the blog site. And, the outrage was at not the blogger or the blogger’s idea but at what the blogger noted was the author’s decision to require a twitter campaign to think about writing another installment to the series. Sorry you think not liking twitter campaigns is rude (I am just really pretty tired of lots of things requiring twitter participation and if the author feels so little about the first two books in that series that she doesn’t want to write a 3rd, then she just shouldn’t write one) but if you don’t like (1) what I have to say about the book, (2) my comments about the series’ the author, or (3) my quoting, attributing language to and linking to another blog (by the way, had I not attributed the language to the blog and passed it off as my own, sure I would agree that is rude but you need a reality check if you think quoting, attributing and linking is rude) then you are free to have your own opinion. I just don’t like it when opinions are based on inaccuracies – like yours – since again, I wasn’t poking fun at the blogger.


  1. OK wow, both of you. I get both of your views but if the first book didn’t get the reads K. Crouch wanted that’s a bummer. I was blessed to find the first book in a very unlikely place. I read it with passion and bought the second one as quickly as I could. It bothers me that she hasn’t written a third or even more because I enjoyed them so much. However you put so much in a labor of love such as she did its understandable that she wants to know that doing so again will be worth it to the readers out there. I am not one to use Twitter or anything but if I did I would spread the word not because because K. Crouch wants it but because it is a wonderful series of strength, love, magick, and true friendship (at least that’s some of what I got out of it). As for using someone else’s blog if it gets the word out there and helps K. Crouch to see we love and appreciate her gift the all the power to it. I guess I want to say thank you for your gift of gracing us with this labor of love, I greatly appreciated and love this book series and I truly hope you see fit to bless us with more.
    Thank you Katie Crouch


    1. I completely agree with you 100% I hope that there is a loooooong awaited 3rd book because I was pretty upset when I heard there may not be one. I felt a little betrayed, like “How can you just leave it like it that?!?!?:


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