Accidentally Aphrodite

Main Characters:

Marty (Were – Accidental Werewolf), Wanda (Were-Vamp – Accidentally Human), Nina (Vamp – Accidentally Dead) and the cast of characters from previous installments (including Casey (Demon – Accidentally Demonic), Darnell (Demon), Jeannie (Genie – Accidental Genie), Carl (Zombie) etc.)


Quinn – a book nerd who loves Greek mythology.  She just broke up with her cheating boyfriend and went to Greece with her friend Ingrid on the trip she planned for her and her now-ex.  She ends up hearing a story from a little old lady on a bus about a hidden golden apple and she  finds it.  When the keeper of the apple, Khristos, turns up and she fights with him over the apple she nicks the apple with her teeth and she ends up becoming the next Aphrodite.  Her job is then to remember how important love is and send Cupid to shoot couples with his arrow to make matches.

Ingrid – works for OOPS as a receptionist. When the magic happens and its apparent (in the funniest way) that Quinn was the victim of a paranormal accident, she tweets for Nina and the gang.

Khristos – the last Aphrodite’s son.  Keeper of the apple and self-appointed trainer of Quinn now that she has Aphrodite’s powers.

Cupid – not sure I need to describe anything here.  He’s Cupid, shooter of love arrows in mythology and ditto here.

Helen – Quinn’s mother (and Maude is Helen’s best friend)

Locations: Greece and NYC

Main Premise – Quinn and Ingrid are in Greece, trying to get over Igor, Quinn’s cheating ex.  Ingrid ends up with the golden apple, and Aphrodite’s powers and responsibilities.  OOPs comes to the rescue.  Quinn needs to learn how to be the new Aphrodite so Khristos sticks around to teach her.  They fall for each other.

How it ended?  Happily Ever After, of course!  Eris, the Goddess of Strife and Discord wanted to be the next Aphrodite and she was the one after Quinn.  Because she wanted to live happily ever after with Zeus.  Khristos, Nina and Zeus come to the rescue and make sure Eris doesn’t get away with it.  Quinn and her mom make up (after her mom decides to come out of the closet and hook up with her best friend).   Epilogue shows us, like with a number of the previous installments, that the accidentally paranormal gang is a happy family, enjoying each other.  Quinn and Khristos are a couple and Khristos’ mom is totally happy about it, having made sure that Cupid got Quinn and Khristos with one of his arrows.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  The identity of the characters seem to be the most important things to remember here.  Khristos proposed to Quinn.

Favorite Quote (and this says a lot because I was smiling and laughing at so much in this book): “Jesus.  Did Barbie die an leave you all her shit?” – Nina (naturally!)


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