Raintree: Multiple

Includes Inferno by Linda Howard; Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones; and Sanctuary by Beverly Barton

This was interesting – it was very clearly written by three different authors. I liked the first “book” very much – the second book was ok – the third, well, I wish one of the other 2 authors had written it. If you reduced to only 3 or 4 – the number of times one of the main characters thought the same thing (Mercy – “oh, he’s terrible, he’s evil, he is the enemy, but I love him…. blah blah blah, over and over, and over again), the last book would have ben 1/4 the size it was. Plus, the bad guy (Judah) – well, where did his turn of affections come from? He was evil and hated and the enemy, and then all of a sudden, without any motivation whatsoever, he simply changes sides? Please, given that the 3rd author clearly didn’t have enough to write about – she should have explored things from his perspective and given us a reason to believe his change of heart. And she tied up some of the loose ends in such a cavalier manner that it almost wasn’t worth it (I mean, really, Lorna somehow knows about Hope – when we clearly didn’t get any of that connection in book one – enough so that she picks up the phone and tells Hope – “you don’t know me, but we need to save Dante and Gideon and I will be there to pick you up shortly” How did that come to pass?). The further into this book I got, the more I wanted to put it down. The only thing that kept me reading to the end was that wiki didn’t have a page summarizing what happened to the characters I really liked from book 1 (dante and Lorna) and 2 (Gideon). It had so much potential – getting to see the same timeline three different times could have been so cool. Instead, the third book was a total let down. I have seen reviews of Beverly Barton’s other stuff – but if this was characteristic, then I think I will likely stay away from her other stuff. Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones, I will take a gander at some of their other stuff. Bottom line for me – this was at best worthy of borrowing from a library. Definitely not worth what I paid to Borders.


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