The Last Olympian

Main Characters:

Percy –  Poseidon’s son.  Has to take on the Prophecy and Kronos to save Olympus.

Annabeth – Athena’s daughter.  Fights side by side with Percy.  Reveals at the end that she always thought of Luke as a brother, nothing more.  Beacomes Percy’s girlfriend at the end.

Grover –   Still Percy’s best friend and the empathy link is still in place.

Thalia Grace –  She joined Artemis’ hunt and is now the lieutenant in the Hunters.  Comes to the aid of the demigods after one of the first battles, and helps ensure that Olympus is saved by continuing to assist througout the war.

Nico di Angelo –  Hades’ son.  Has a truce with Percy after blaming him for his sister’s death.  We learn at the end of the prior book that he has an idea as to how to defeat Kronos.  In the beginning of this book, he brings Percy to the Underworld so that Percy can bathe in the river Styx and become invincible like Luke had, like Achielles had before that.  Convinces his father that Hades too needs to join the fight to save Olympus.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare –  Percy’s friend, and sort-of girl friend, at least in the beginning.  She invites Percy on vacation with her family.  While on that vacation, after Percy turns her down, she starts having visions and drawing things and knows she needs to get to NYC.  She is not paralyzed by Morpheus’ sleeping spell, like all other NY’ers.   She can see through the mist.  She, in the end, discovers that it is her destiny to become the new oracle and take over for the old creepy mummy that was the oracle.

And, again, everyone else, including Chiron, Mr. D., Luke, etc. from the first books and any and all of the Gods and Titans one can remember from Greek mythology in school!

NEW CHARACTERS: *slight difference here for this book – only naming the major new players since it is unclear exactly how this book links to the Lost Hero, which is related, but clearly not the same series.

Hestia – Goddess of the hearth.  She is the Last Olympian left on Olympus after all the other Gods leave to battle the monster that was awakened and is traveling across America towards NY City to battle for Olympus.  Percy gives her Pandora’s box, so that he can never again be tempted to give up Hope.

Prometheus – a titan who sides with Kronos because he believes Kronos will win.  He gives Percy Pandora’s box (which isn’t really a box) and tells Percy that all he needs to do is give up Hope and surrender and many people will be spared.

Main Premise:  The Great Prophecy is coming to a head.  The Titans have risen and are out to take over Olympus.  The demigods go to the Empire State Building to protect the entrance while all the Gods, except Hestia, are off trying to keep the big storm from reaching NY.  But Percy has realized that the storm was a deversion and they need to keep Kronos from taking NY.  Percy has also found out a lot about Luke’s past, including his mother’s attempt to take over as oracle.  He has also bathed in the river Styx to also become invincible like Luke.  Morpheus has placed all the humans in NY under a sleep spell.  And the monsters descend.  They battle with the demigods.  There are deaths among our heros, including one who turned out to be a traitor and was passing infomration –  Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite and her boyfriend was Charlie Beckendorf (son of Hephaestus) who was killed early in the book.  The others who find out about Silena don’t tell and want her to be remembered as a hero though.  The demigods manage to prevail through all the action however.  Percy turns out to not be the one in the prophecy – Luke kills himself with the cursed dagger becoming the hero of the prophecy.   

Locations:  New York City (the Empire State Building most prominently), Camp Half Blood (Long Island, NY), Olympus

Other Important Things to Remember Later:  Where to start?  Percy turns down Zeus’ offer to become a God.  Instead, he wants all the Gods to be recognized with cabins at camp, even the minor Gods.  He also wants the Gods to claim their children by the time they are 13.  He’s hoping to avoid having folks feel the way Luke did and resent the Gods.  Rachel became the new Oracle and lives in a cave during the summer while at camp.  Annabeth and Percy have a thing going on.  And there is a new prophecy that will impact people – we just don’t know when and it’s the next “Great Prophecy” and the first told by Rachel as the new oracle.  Silena was a spy for Kronos.  the Gods don’t like having to rely on humans.  Hera and Annabeth haven’t exactly been the best of buds throughout the series.  Charlie was killed early on in the last book and none of the other children of Hephaestus fared exceptionally well either.  Lots of demigods were killed.  And the Gods still keep their distance.


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