Kiddie Korner

Here’s where you can find information and reviews on books for the little one’s.  Whether you do the reading to them or they are looking at the pictures and trying to learn to read themselves, here you will find information on some of my favorites and those that my 2-year old seems to enjoy hearing the most!

Key information I will try to convey in each review:

(a) quality of the story (if good, I will read over and over, and if not, well… some books don’t see the light of day often)

(b) it is a rhymer or not (some nights that’s a good thing and others it nauseates me)

(c) quality of the illustrations (really important with a little one who can’t read yet)

(d) readability when reading out loud (can make or break a book – if it’s hard to read aloud)

(e) educational value (not required, but certainly welcome; after all, bedtime can sometimes just be pure fun)

To me, these are the things that differentiate great (like Dr. Seuss) from barely tolerable.


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