1: Fallen

Main Characters:

Lucinda Price (Luce):  She is sent to Sword and Cross, a reform school, after her boyfriend is killed.  She’s always been different because she sees “shadows” but doesn’t really know what they are.  She makes some friends at the school, but falls for Daniel.

Daniel Grigori:  A fallen angel.  He tries to stay away from Luce but can’t.  He knows that he is a fallen angel.

Cameron (Cam): He too is a fallen angel.  He is the good guy to Daniel’s bad guy (although, they are all at a reform school, so it’s relative).

Penn: a good friend of Luce’s at Sword and Cross.  She is killed by Miss Sophia.

Arrianne and Gabrielle: more fallen angels.  They are trying to protect Luce.

Roland:  One of the fallen angels who is more on Cam’s side then Daniel’s.

Miss Sophia:  The school’s librarian and she turns out to pretend to help Luce only to lure her into a very dangerous situation.  Turns out she is on of a group of elders and she tries to kill Luce.

Main Premise:  Luce can see shadows but she doesn’t really know what they are or why.  Turns out almost everyone of the students and Sword and Cross is a fallen angel.  And Miss Sophia is out to stop Luce, because for some reason, she’s important and different.  She and Daniel fall in love but really can’t be together.

Other important things to remember for later:  Cam and Daniel come to a truce.  We still really don’t know what the shadows are.  Daniel and Luce got together and are bf/gf.  Luce and Daniel, as a pair are damned, but we don’t know why.

Review:  Started off a little slowly… but it was a really good read. Based on what I have to say below, this is another book where I wish we had 1/2 stars – ‘cuz I would definitely have given this 4 and 1/2 given the opportunity!

It was nice to see a “boarding school” environment that’s not for those with tons of privileges. Although I am getting really tired of the female teacher/headmaster/nurse/mother-i-never-had type turning out to be on the other side…. it is getting very predictable. The only thing that made this a little less predictable is that we don’t get a whole lot of dimension to Miss Sophia to expect her to turn.

There is so much room for development that I am really looking forward to the next book. I also give the author credit for not being afraid to let a character who I have gotten attached to not make it to the second book. I do feel that there should have been a little more told to me about what is going on though. I don’t need all the mystery solved, but a little more about what how our 2 main characters became “damned” or a tiny more of what the overall arch of the story is about, would have been nice – would probably make me even more eager for the next book.

Also, I’m not usually into the “bad guy” – but something about Cam is a lot more interesting then I usually find the bad guy. I am looking forward to understanding better why he is the bad guy.


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