The Alchemyst

Main Characters:  Sophie and Josh Newman, aka “the twins”; Nicholas Flamel; Perenelle “Perry” Flamel; John Dee; The Morrigan (Crow Goddess); Scathach; Bastet; the Witch of Endor; Hekate; and others (to be added later).

Main Premise:  Twins Josh and Sophie are working in San Fransciso in stores across the street from on another.  Sophie in a coffee shop and Josh in a book store, owned by the Flamels.  Only Sophie and Josh don’t know them as “the Flamels” since the Flamels are in hiding from John Dee and some other folks.  When the book store is attached by John Dee and his creatures, looking for the Codex, the adventure begins.  Dee gets the codex but Josh manages to hang onto two vital pages – the ones with the end of the spell John Dee needs to take over the world.  Josh and Sophie learn all about their auras, that they are silver (Sophie) and gold (Josh) and that if awakened they will be able to perform all sorts of elemental magic.  Perry is kidnapped and separated from Nicholas and the twins and towards the end of the book is taken to Alcatraz prison.  The Codex contains a prophecy that appears to be about the twins.  And is driving Nicholas to train the twins and have them awakened.

We meet Scatty and learn that there are not only immortal humans but others too.  The Yggdrasil is home to Hekate, the goddess with 3 faces who ages from young to old everyday.  She awakens Sophie but her tree, her home, and the Shadowrealm that the Yggdrasil is part of, is destroyed.  This happens before Josh can be awakened – and this is critical since it is the first time the twins are really so different.  And this starts what looks like a rift between the two.

Scatty is an Elder and kicks a$$.  She’s a martial artist and she gives the twins a very important piece of information – not to trust anyone other then each other.  And it turns out she is related to the Witch (grandmother/granddaughter relationship), who is where Nicholas turns to have the Sophie learn some magic.  Sophie is taught Air magic in a unique fashion – she is wrapped like a mummy.  This too will probably be important later since we know the Witch (aka Dora) is doing something in addition to just teaching Sophie the Air magic.  We learn there is much more to the Witch and she is likely to be very important later.  We learn she can see the strands of time and she thinks there is only one strand, one chain of events, where the world and humanity stand a chance and that requires something of the twins.

Location(s):  We start in San Francisco, travel to Ojai CA and we end with Nicholas, Scatty and the twins landing in Paris via leygate.

Other important things to remember for later: Dee manages to separate Josh from his twin in Ojai.  Dee also performs Necromancy, which Nicholas doesn’t really like much.  The color of folk’s eyes seems to be important, so does the color of their auras.  The Elders are often known by multiple names throughout history and who to trust is important.  Lost of the elders are related to one another.  The use of magic is agin Nicolas and Perry since the spell they used to create a potion to keep them immortal is in the Codex, which Dee now has (except the last two pages, which were given to Josh by Nicholas).  Yggdrasil was destroyed by Dee and Sophie know is tied to the Witch in some way.  Dee has Excalibur.  And there is a difference between the Elders – some are “Dark Elders”.  And the prophecy itself:

The two that are one, the one that is all.  There will come a time when the Book is taken And the Queen’s man is allied with the Crow.  Then the Elder will step out of the Shadows.  And the immortal must train the mortal.   The two that are one must become the one that is all.



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