The Lost Saint

Main Characters:

Grace/Gracie – now a high school senior who’s father is a pastor and she’s now preparing to apply for college.  She is in love with Daniel.  She doesn’t like to make promises.  She can be reckless even though she doesn’t realize it.  She is determined to use her new “powers” (aka the wolf inside her) for good and she s blinded from much by that desire.  As Daniel starts to pull away from her, and she doesn’t know why, she meets a college kid named Talbot and begins training with him.  She is adamant about finding her brother Jude and trying to bring him home.

Jude – Gracie’s older brother.  Now a wolf himself, he has run away from home.  For most of this installment he is missing.  He seems to contact Grace in the beginning and then throughout contacts April.  His call to Grace is vague and cryptic (“You’re in danger.  You’re all in danger.  You can’t stop them… Don’t trust him, he makes you thing you can trust him, but you can’t.”) so of course, the intention is that we think Jude’s talking about Daniel.  Unfortunately, he gets mixed up with Daniel’s father.  At the showdown in the end, he remains loyal to Caleb.  Right up to the point where Caleb leaves Jude behind while he escapes.  The question for the next installment will therefore be, who is Jude now?  And will he ever be able to be any where like who he used to be?

Daniel – Grace’s love interest.  While he’s been “saved” by Grace and is normal at first, we learn that he is getting some of his powers back.  He tries to put some distance between he and Grace – for her own good (like in all these stories) but he can’t stay away from her in the end.  He is angry with Grace for the continued training, but when Grace is kidnapped, he falls into the trap and ends up captured too.  It is revealed that his father has gathered a group of wolves, and has created more, and is looking to kill Daniel, so that Caleb can challenge the current Alpha and take over – and he’s afraid of what Daniel might be able to do.

April – Grace’s former best friend.  She’s really angry at Grace but not for the reason Grace initially thinks.  She’s had contact from Jude, and she believes most of his side of the story.  After Grace confronts her it turns out that she figured most of the details out (although she still sort of believes Jude’s side of the story as it applies to what she does know), she knows about the werewolves (and who they are) and she’s interested in helping Grace be a superhero.  She also helps Grace try to find Jude.

Pete – since attacking Grace he has fallen out of favor.  He is a bully throughout the book and makes and tries to make trouble for Grace every time he sees her.  He gets beaten up badly and the police think Daniel might have tried to get even for Pete’s attack on Grace.

Pastor Devine – Head of the Devine family.  Pastor at the local church.  He spends much of the first half of the book traveling looking for Daniel.  When he returns, he brings Gabriel home with him.  He wants to make sure his family doesn’t lose Grace to the curse and he wants Jude back.

Charity Devine – Younger sister to Jude and Grace.  Ancillary, but always helping to take care of the youngest Devine (James).

Mrs. Devine (can’t remember if we ever got her first name) – Mom.

James Devine – Youngest Devine.  Adores Daniel.

Mr. Barlow – the stern art teacher.

Dan Mooney – dies alone at the very beginning.


Caleb Kalbi- Daniel’s father.  The Markum Street Monster in the past, and the man behind all the terror in this book, including the plot to have Talbot train Grace.  He wants Grace to be his mate.  He also wants to kill Daniel and wants the wolves to take over the world.  He escapes in the end.

Talbot – We meet him fairly early and aren’t sure what his deal is.  It seems that he has an interest in Grace, but she (thank goodness) doesn’t act on it.  She does, however, let him train her.  He teaches her about demons and takes her hunting.  At one point, he saves Grace on a hunt when she is about to be killed by one of the Vamps that Daniel knew.  He is working for Caleb.  It appears that at the end of the book, that he attempts to set Grace (and possibly) Daniel free and he falls out of favor with Caleb – he ends up chained up too.

Gabriel – Daniel mentioned him in the first book – he was the person who gave Daniel his moonstone.  He’s ancient and is the Gabriel that is discussed in the book Pastor Devine gave Grace.  He is the new religion teacher during this book.  He also refuses to give in to the wolf and so he doesn’t want Grace training.  He believes that giving in, even a little, will lead the wolf to take over.  In the end, he fights to save Grace and Daniel.

Main Premise:  Daniel starts to disappear and put distance between himself and Grace.  It’s because he’s getting his powers back slowly.  But, he doesn’t “hear” the wolf the way he used to.  Despite the fact that he turns into wolf form and gets stuck in the end, it is positioned that he’s not the demon wolf anymore.  The mysterious happenings (thefts, violence, etc.) were being committed by the group that Caleb had gathered.  Caleb intends to challenge for position of Alpha in the pack Gabriel is part of when the current alpha (Sirhan, who is dying) dies, which is likely to be soon given his extremely old age (and the fact that no werewolf has survived past 1000 yrs. old).  There is a showdown between Grace, Daniel and Gabriel versus Caleb and his group.  Jude is found, although he is a dedicated follower of Caleb and he still believes his point off view that Daniel is evil and turned his family against him.  A number of the boys who were with Caleb defect and are left behind too.  Grace again decides she will sacrifice herself for Daniel and her family.  Grace, Daniel and Gabriel manage to fight Caleb and escape, but Caleb escapes first.  Grace learns the reasons behind Daniel’s distancing.  And she is pained at the end when she realizes that Daniel is the white wolf, who can’t change back.

Location(s): Rose Crest, Oak Park

Other important things to remember:  Daniel, now a white wolf, appears to be stuck in wolf form.  There Gabriel thinks that Grace is special and has fought to save Grace and Daniel.  Jude was left behind by Caleb, but it’s not clear whether he will become part of the Devine family again.  Gabriel realized the he could fight for what’s important but not loose himself to the wolf.  Jude claims to want to come home, but Grace realizes he is still not himself (“Jude’s eyes seemed completely empty.”) – and she remembers that Jude helped Caleb escape.  Daniel is a true alpha (which is very rare).

The letters from Gabriel, which the author made available through her blog don’t seem to convey much – they are consistent with what we knew already (about true love being the cure) and merely provide some additional explanations as to why Gabriel didn’t want to fight or embrace any of the powers of the wolf.

Note about the title:  While not quite as transparent as the previous title, it was clear that we would eventually see Jude again from this title.

Review:  Again, the Mercy Wolves series is brought to mind and there are many similarities here.  The writing is a little better here then in the first book, but the author needs to learn the difference between subtle foreshadowing and really obvious foreshadowing.  Talbot’s being a wolf and the fact that he wasn’t the one to be trusted was extremely obvious.  Caleb’s involvement was also easy to see coming.  Daniel getting his powers back was something I expected from the minute Grace “cured” him in the first book.  It was just too easy, and the signs were all but jumping off the page at the reader.  Grace and Daniel are like able enough characters though that I am looking forward to the next installment.  I am also looking forward to seeing what role Gabriel will have going forward.


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