Order of the Phoenix

Main Characters:  Once again, we are building on the prior lists.  We lost Cederic but otherwise we have everyone else.  And we see much more of Lupin and we see the actual Mad-Eye and some of the other Weasely’s again.  Harry has troubles with Umbridge all year long.  He also starts to date Cho Chang, until a Hogsmede visit where he botches things.  Hermoine and Ron are made Prefects.  Dumbledore is running the order which Lupin, Sirius, Snape and Mrs. and Mrs. Weasley are all active in.  Mad-Eye, Tonks and others are also part of the Order.  Percy is not speaking to the other Weasley’s, believing Fudge.  Fudge is angry and adamant that Voldemort is not back, until the end when Voldemort shows up and blows up most of the MOM.


Tonks (a/k/a Nymphadora Tonks) – an Auror who is also a metamorphagus.  She entertains all the time by screwing up her appearance changing her hair color and her nose shapes, etc. She is clumsy too.

Prof. Umbridge – a MOM witch.  She believes that Harry and Dumbledore are trouble makers and liars and that Fudge rules.  She’s always in pink and is so very saccharine that she’s over the top.  And, she believes in pure bloods and all the things that Voldemort would like.  She becomes High Inquisitor of Hogwarts and then Headmistress once Dumbledore flees.  She’s awful.  She’s all about her rules and her rules are often questionable.

Kreacher – the Black family house elf.  He has issues with Sirius and he is a large part of why Sirius dies.

Bellatrix LeStrange – one of the Death Eaters still loyal – and locked up in Azkaban because of it – to Voldemort.  She kills Sirius.

Luna Lovegood – a Ravenclaw student who is a little quirky.  She becomes part of DA and friends with Harry and friends.

Mundungus Fletcher – a member of the Order but a thief who is more interested in a “good deal” or his own profit then other things.

Main Premise:  Harry is attacked during his summer holidays by dementors and produces a patronus to protect himself and Dudley.  This leads to him being brought to trial for performing underage magic and magic in front of a muggle.  He heads off to Sirius’ house (12 Grimmuald Place) where the Order of the Phoenix is headquartered.  The Order is a group, lead by Dumbledore, who are going to fight Dumbledore.  While Harry is acquitted, it is clear that Fudge and many don’t believe him.  When he, Ron and Hermoine go back to school for year 5, they find that Umbridge (who was clearly against Harry at his trial) is their new DADA teacher.  She soon clashes with students and teachers.  The trio form “Dumbledore’s Army” to practice defense against the dark arts on their own since Umbridge won’t teach them.  This leads to Dumbledore fleeing the school once Umbridge finds out and Umbridge taking over as headmistress.  Umbridge, before Dumbledore leaves tries to kick out Trelawney, but Dumbledore prevents it to protect her.  Since she made the prophecy that is held in the Department of Mysteries and Voldemort is after.  Voldemort spends the year trying to get the prophecy and Harry’s connection to Voldemort’s mind grows, with him seeing more of Voldemort’s thoughts (including an attack on Mr. Weasley).  Voldemort lures Harry and friends, including Luna Lovegood and Neville to the MOM and the Department of Mysteries to get at the prophecy and Sirius is killed.  Hermoine uses Rita Skeeter and Luna’s dad (who publishes the Quibbler – a “rag” like paper) to get the truth about Harry out before Voldemort shows at the MOM.  DA used enchanted coins to alert members as to when their meetings would be.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Kreacher is an angry little elf who likes to protect the Black family possessions.  The kids all cleaned out Headquarters, and found among many objects a locket.  Voldemort is now clearly back.  Neville could have been the boy in the prophecy but Voldemort chose to believe that it was Harry that the prophecy was about.  Umbridge was run off by the Centaurs but she still is alive.  Lucius Malfoy was supposed to rescue the prophecy but he failed, so Voldemort probably won’t be happy with him.  Fred and George forced Montague (a Slytherin) into a vanishing cabinet head first and that cabinet was broken, no one knowing where he would turn up as a result.


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