Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy

Main Characters:

Jack Dandy – a thief and big shot in the Whitechapel section of Victorian London.  He is a criminal.  Turns out he is of nobel descent but he is illegitimate.  He killed Felix August-Raynes to save Jane early in the series.  He has an affinity for Finely but is at odds with Griffin.


Toby and Philippe – two of Dandy’s men.  They accompany him to take care of the crate.

Locations: London

Main Premise:  Jack is hired by a friend of his father’s, Charles Abernathy (Viscount Brekenridge), to pick up a crate and deliver it somewhere else.  Jack doesn’t know at first what is in it.  And he doesn’t ask a lot of questions about the crate or who it is being delivered to.  They deliver the crate, discover what’s in it, and leave it.  Jack goes back for it later, or really goes back for the girl in it but it is gone.  He confronts Abernathy but Abernathy doesn’t tell him anything.  He decides he needs to save the girl and will even go to Griffin if it comes to it.

Other important things to remember for later:  If you read these in order and read this before Iron Touch, you need to know that the events in this book take place just before, or at the very beginning of, Iron Touch as this is the crate that contains Mila, or Endeavor 312.  Jack felt a connection to her and wants to save her.  Jack discovered what was in the crate when he opened it and saw Mila, in her still very premature development.

Review: No review written.



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