1: Would Be-Witched

Main Characters:

Tammy Jo – resident witch.  Thinks she has no powers in the beginning, but soon learns that she can cast spells and conduct magic.  Her aunt and Mom have up and left her on her own.  She’s 23, but an untrained witch, while they are not untrained.

Edie – Tammy Jo’s long past relation, who’s ghost helps/visits Tammy Jo.  Her soul is tied to a locket that is never supposed to be in the hands of anyone other then Tammy’s family.

Bryn Lyons – a really wealth lawyer also residing in their small town in Texas.  He’s magical too.  And, he’s on “the list” of families that Tammy Jo is supposed to stay away from.  We don’t know why his family is on the list, and we don’t know much about the list except Tammy mentions it – a lot.  He’s also got a thing for Tammy.

Zach – Tammy’s ex-husband and on-again, off-again boyfriend.  He’s also a sherriff’s deputy in town.  He is utterly in love with Tammy but doesn’t believe in Edie or magic or any of that.

Mercutio – an ocelot that Bryn gives to Tammy.  She thinks it’s a cat at first.  And he’s awesome.  ‘Nuff said.

Jenna – her archenemies.  She’s a snot and causes Tammy to loose her job in the beginning.  She causes Tammy trouble when ever she can.

Main Premise:  Tammy is at a Halloween party when the necklace is stolen. And she has to have it back or she could loose Edie’s soul.  Zach is investigating but things aren’t getting anywhere so she turns to Bryn, even though she is supposed to stay away from him.  Every time she needs help, she ends up on his door step.  Turns out there are werewolves in town too – which she discovers at an WAM (World Association of Magic) meeting that she ends up at with Bryn and his father Lennox.  Chaos ensues while she is trying to recover her locket.  But she does recover it and gets Edie back.

Locations: Duvall, Texas

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  There’s this Stanton guy who used to be a friend of Zach’s who hits on Tammy.  Tammy has a whole lot more power then she thinks.  Could it be that she’s part Fae (that seems to be implied, anyway)?  We have Vamps and all sorts of other creatures here in this tiny town of Duvall Texas.    There’s a ranking system within the supe community where witches are tested to see what level they are at and capable of and it looks like Bryn may have purposefully under used his powers when taking the test.  Tammy can be fairly naive at times, and she thinks she can stay out of the magical community.  She’s also a little in denial, despite the fact that she was involved in some pretty powerful magic.  There is a connection between her and Bryn that lets her have access to her powers.

Review:  While wrongly, in my opinion, categorized as PNR, it was a cute little story.  Not quite as snarky and funny as the Accidental Series, but funny and enjoyable.  The inevitable love triangle looks like Tammy-Zach-Bryn.  With Zach being the typical can’t-accept-her-wolrd guy and Bryn the all-powerful-he-can-never-understand-you-like-i-can guy.  There was just enough character development for me to like them, Tammy Jo as the narrator was funny and engaging, and yet there’s still enough mystery that I am left wanting more.  The biggest downside to me was that some of the “hints” weren’t exactly subtle when it comes to figuring out what will be coming later in the series.  Some of the stuff might as well had neon signs next to it.  But, I like the characters enough and the overall spell casting and magical world built well enough to overlook that.  There were also times where the notions weren’t exactly the most unique, but in this genre that’s not exactly newsworthy.  I have come to expect some of that given the pure volume of this genre that I read.  Tammy Jo has some funny comments and ideas so it was worth the read.  Fans of Real Vamps…, Vegas Vamps, Queen Betsy, etc., should enjoy this little series too.


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