Demonica and Lords of Deliverance

Author: Larissa Ione

US Publisher: Mass Market Paperback


  • Demonica:
  1. Pleasure Unbound – Tayla and Eidolon’s story.  She’s a demon-slayer and he’s the head doctor of UGH, the demon hospital.
  2. Desire Unchained – Runa and Shade’s story.
  3. Passion Unleashed – Serena and Wraith’s story.
  4. Ecstasy Unveiled – Lore and Idess’s story.  Turns out Lore is a half sibling, like Sin, to the 3 brothers.  He’s an assassin and she’s an angel sent to earth to protect the human Lore is supposed to kill.  Sin starts a plague, which will be important not only to the next book but to the Lord of Deliverance series too. Reaver earns his redemption here.
  5. Sin Undone – Sin and Con’s story.  She’s a master assassin and he’s a half-werewolf, half-vampire.  He’s supposed to bring Sin to face her punishment for the plague that she started that is killing werewolves.  We meet the first horseman, Ares, from the next series.

3.5 – Eternity Embraced – ebook only.

Demonica: Overkill – a series of really short stories about some of our pairs.  Available on the author’s website.

  • Lords of Deliverance:
  1. Eternal Rider – Ares, the Horseman of war, and Cara’s story.  The first seal broke when Sin started the were plague in the Demonica series.  As a result, one of the siblings has turned into Pestilence.  And he is now evil and looking to break Ares’ seal.  Ares’ seal, which was being carried by a fallen angel was transferred to Cara, right before the fallen angel was killed.  She was also kissed by a hellhound, so she is now bonded to it.  Cara becomes immortal when Cerebus, the king of the Hellhounds binds her to all the hellhounds.  And that keeps Ares’ seal from breaking.  The important items – the dagger, Deliverance, is one of the only way’s a horseman can be killed.  Limos, who will become Famine should her seal break, has a few secrets.  One of which Pestilence learns and she knows he now knows.  She is supposed to become Satan’s bride.  He seal is a cup/little bowl that will break when one of the horseman drinks from it – it has never been found.  Than’s seal is his virginity.  Another name for the seal is the Agimortis.  Cara can heal animals.  We seem many of the crew from the Demonica books, including Arik (and it looks like he and Limos (aka Li) will have the next book.
  2. Immortal Rider – Limos and Arik.  So… Arik kisses Limos and gets dragged off to Hell because of it.  Turns out Limos was betrothed to Satan and Satan is pissed Limos kissed Arik back.  So Arik is tortured.  He is eventually rescued, Limos helps nurse him back to health and they fall in love.  Meanwhile, Limos has some big secrets – Pestilence is aware of at least some of them and he has her show the Aegis a site where there are scrolls and artifacts to keep him from spilling some of those secrets.  Limos pisses off Lucifer too by killing his pet demon.  They find her agimortis, she marries Arik which negates her contract with Satan and Than ends up tricked into having sex with (and getting her pregnant!) a female Guardian, Regan.  They thought Than’s agimortis was his virginity, but it looks like it might be the birth of his child.   As of the end of this installment, Limos’ seal is still intact, Than has been rescued by someone who is likely on the side of Pestilence and his baby is about a month away from being born.  Deliverance also doesn’t appear to work on the Horseman anymore.
  3. Lethal Rider –  Thantos and Regan.  So, we know from the end of Immortal Rider that Regan is pregnant with Than’s child and it looks like its birth or death or something is what will break Than’s seal.  Than is being held by his siblings in a paralyzed state because they don’t know what he will do if he finds out about the child.  So, where we left off is where we pick back up.  Regan is attacked a the Aegis headquarters by a vampire who wants to bring her to Thantos.  Thantos escapes as somehow the Hellhound venom stopped working.  Regan is taken to Thantos’ castle where he shows up.  Turns out he has vampire – both daywalkers and nightwalkers – working for him.  Than and Regan fall for each other.  The Aegis is torn apart by a few radicals who don’t agree with it’s stance to partner with the horsemen.  Regan is protected by the baby and gets away from them before they can sacrifice the baby.  There is a lot of back and forth with information on what will kill Pestilence, what will break Than’s seal, how to do it, and when.  Harvester, Pestilence’s watcher angel, who seems to be cheating and interfering is captured at one point by a higher angel (Gethel) and Reaver is trying to figure out what exactly is going on.  Pestilence has all sorts of info he shouldn’t unless he is getting some angelic help.  Regan realizes that the biblical apocalypse has the Horseman fighting on the side of good, not evil, so she theorizes that the way to stop the bad apocalypse might be to start the biblical one.  Azagoth (aka the Grim Reaper) is not the Horsemans’ father but he does help bring Regan back to life since without Regan, Idess (Azagoth’s daughter) would still be strung up by Pestilence.  In the end, the baby is born, Pestilence is killed at the right moment, and Reaver travels down to Sheoul-gra to rescue Reseph (Pestilence before his seal broke).  Although we know he’s going to probably be in trouble, since he’s not allowed to interfere as a watcher and saving Reseph does just that, and because he now can’t escape Sheoul-gra.  And Harvester shows up to torture Reaver.
  4. Rogue Rider – [coming soon!]
  5. Reaver – Reaver is headed to Hell to rescue Harvester.  He argues with a few Archangels about it and they are prepared to let Harvester rot in Hell even though she saved the world and Heaven.  Raphael seems to be helping, but turns out he isn’t.  He gives Reaver a crystal that should help him recharge his abilities while in Hell.  (Turns out he tagged it so that he could send special shadow assassins after Reaver instead).  Reaver has a few of Sin’s assassin friends help get him into Hell.  Only one seems to survive, and he survives with a fallen angel assassin curse on him after Reaver heals him.  Satan, to get back at everyone, gets Gethel pregnant with Lucifer; hatches a plan to accelerate his birth, to have him born full grown, and to torture Harvester even though Harvester is his daughter (born before Satan fell from Heaven).  The Horseman’s newest Watcher steals Limos’ baby in an attempt to switch Lucifer and the baby to prevent the EOW (end of the world).  Harvester, after being rescued gets rewarded by being made an angel again.  Reaver is punished again by loosing his wings.  But then, Metatron gets him his memory back and his real powers since they had been bound when he was little.  Harvester figures out how to delay the EOW (by cutting off Gethel’s wings since she turned evil but didn’t actually fall).  Limos gets her baby back, Harvester and Reaver get mated, and Revenant is clearly conflicted about things but he too has his memory back and all his powers. Revenant also has the hots for a false angel he saw at UG, Blaspheme, and that is presumably where the next story is going.
  6. Revenant (coming late winter 2014)
Where we are at the end of the books:  at the end of the Demonica series, we are prepared for the next series.  We know that the plague caused by Sin will be a problem.  At the end of Eternal Rider, we know that one seal is still broken and one is saved, for the time being, becuase of Cara’s bond with the Hellhounds.  And Pestilence is still out to bring on the apocalypse.  We’ve also seen that it is likely we will see a bunch of the characters from Demonica since the overall story arc is really more of an extension of the first series then a separate one entirely.  I skipped at the end of Immortal Rider because it really is all in the summary above.  At the end of Lethal Rider it appears that the demonica apocalypse might be over, but we know there is a biblical one too.  Reseph is on the loose, but with no memory.  Reaver (the angel) is being tortured by Harvester.  We know the grim reaper is not the horsemen’s father.  Yenrieth might be – but we don’t know who Yenrieth is, although we do know that he will break the biblical seals of the horsemen.  Ky and Regan and a few others are going to start a new organization now that the Aegis has gone bananas (I mean Delmonte yellow, Chiquita girl bananas). At the end of Rouge Rider Reseph has been rescued by Jillian and his memories are back.  The family of the four horsemen is coming together.  And Yenrieth…. well, he’s Reaver and Harvester was a spy the whole time and was actually working to protect the horsemen.  At the end of Reaver, Reaver was in fact a special type of angel, a radiant.  He also had a twin brother who was raised in hell.  Revenant, who thought himself a fallen was not fallen and is still an angel.  Harvester is again the horsemen’s Watcher, although their heavenly one, is also mated to Revenant.  Lucifer is on his way to being born – Gethel is pregnant with Lucifer but she has also had her wings clipped.  Revenant is Hell’s Watcher of the horseman and he has a thing for a false angel who works at Underworld General.  Rapheal’s actions throughout are because he was jealous and wanted Harvester for his own.
Review of Pleasure Unbound:  Wow. I wish I had read this first. So many details that came through in this story made things in the later 2 books make so much more sense.
And I think I liked this one best of the three. This isn’t much of a review – because I think the reviews of the other two books say most of what I want to say. But I really enjoyed this enough that I am sure it will get a number of re-reads.Tayla as character is great – I love how she’s not a whimpy woman who needs to be rescued. I love how she’s a fighter herself and the relationship she builds with E isn’t really about him rescuing her the way so many of the woman in this genre need to be rescued. So many of the woman in this genre are helpless and need a knight – she doesn’t. In fact, there are a number of scenes where she sort of saves him. It was great. And I loved the love scenes – steamier then the second and third books. Looking forward to #4.
Review of Desire Unchained:   I read this series in the wrong order so I read this first (and am just now reading the first, with the 3rd already completed too). I am a big fan of the paranormal romance. This books gives us Shade’s story. I like the world created, as it has all the typical players – demon, vampire, werewolves, etc. It seems that the antagonist is the same as from the first book, but I don’t know for sure since I am not that far in. I really like the development of the world here, all the different types of demons and the struggles that they are facing. Ione doesn’t try to make the guys out to be saints who just get a bad wrap for some reason, it’s refreshing.

As mentioned in my review of book #3, I compare all I read in this genre to the Brotherhood… the plot moves along well and I think that from an overall story arc perspective, this might even be better then BDB. However, I have yet to find a set of books as steamy (and I like my books steamy) as BDB. So, that leaves me a little wanting.

Now I just need to finish the first, to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I assume I will likely edit this review after finishing the first book – since I get the feeling that the first one may help me better understand this one (and book #3), so I may change my opinion after reading that one. Hopefully, I will just appreciate them more.

Review of Passion Unleashed:  I read this series in the wrong order so I read this second (with the second read first). I am a big fan of the paranormal romance. This books gives us Wrath’s story. I like the world created, as it has all the typical players – demon, vampire, werewolves, etc. And I like the idea of the Aegis, or group of humans who are hunters of demons, but not really “bad” guys. It was a nice change to be given two sides of a battle where there is grey on both sides. Normally in this genre the bad guys are unmistakably, undisputedly “evil” and here, there are bad guys and good guys on both sides. It was a nice change.

I also really liked that the big bad guy from the second book wasn’t brought back and we seemed to have a different conflict. I mean the battle for good vs evil is still there but the forces that are being fought are a little different – again, it was a nice change. I compare all I read in this genre to the Brotherhood… this change in the arc’s antagonist is one of the things that I think I like better then with the Brotherhood (I am getting a little tired of the same organization being the threat after all these books). However, I have yet to find a set of books as steamy (and I like my books steamy) as BDB. So, that leaves me a little wanting.

I like the possibilities for more books – and the way it was set up. I feel satisfied if we never see this world again that the story had a good ending. And yet, if there is another, I won’t feel it totally contrived either.

Now I just need to finish the first, to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

Review of Ecstacy Unveiled:  I liked this the best of this series so far! Lore is a great character and Idess is too. I love how the angel mythology has become so important to this series. I loved how the plot was tied to the previous books, yet it could have stood alone too. The steamy scenes were nice and steamy and so very sexy too. Sin was also a great addition – and I love how her story “end” in this book (and I see that she gets her own book next). The dialogue was more sophisticated then normal for this genre and the character development of both our main characters was so much more then the typical “I want him but I’m not good enough” and “I want her but she’d never want me” – I often feel like the books in this genre are 80% whining by each main character as to why they can’t, because of emotional baggage they each need to get over, be with one another. And while there is a little of that – otherwise there’d be no tension pulling them together while keeping them apart – it was a subtle enough deviation from that typical whining that made me like these 2 characters, and this particular installment of this series, so very much. I also liked how there is some additional tension with the other brothers – showing that they aren’t just this happy group of guys who all gung-ho for the common good of the group of brothers… I am looking forward to the next one.


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  1. I had to go to a friend’s house the other day and told her I could not stay to long, because I have a book to read (rogue rider). I have never in my life read books that could cut me off from the world like these books does. The only problem is that our libraries don’t have all the books and I’ve been searching everywhere, but can’t find it anywhere in cape town, south africa, but these books are amazing. Thank you so much larissa!!!


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