#6 Saving Raphael Santiago

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Louis Karnstein – although he doesn’t last long.  He dies (presumably, Raphael killed him) after Raphael is turned.

Camille – runs the hotel.

Ragnor Fell – High Warlock of London

Locations: New York, 1953

Main Premise:  Magnus is in NY and has decided to be a private investigator.  He is hired by a lady to save her son, Raphael, from a vampire.  He goes to the Hotel Dumont, which was taken over by vampires after the incident in #5.  But, by the time he gets there Raphael is already a vampire.  So, Magnus takes Raphael in and tries to help him so he can see his mother again.  Raphael gets strong enough, gains enough self-control to in fact go visit his mother and brothers.  

Important Things to Remember for Later:   Camille appears again at the end. The Hotel became a portal to Hell.  This is really the backstory of Raphael, who we first meet in City of Bones when Clary and Jace go to the Hotel to rescue Simon.  In fact, the cross scar that Jace notices makes sense after this short, as wearing the cross his mother gave him is very important to him and he practices wearing it.  Raphael, at the end, is Camille’s second-in-command.  And, Magnus notes that relations between himself and the vampires are better because of how he helped Raphael.  


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