Spirit Chaser

Main Characters:

Austin Cole – main star of SCI (Spirit Chaser Investigations), a paranormal ghost hunting TV show.  He is deeply religious and doesn’t have a psychic bone in his body, yet he leads the team of psychics in the paranormal investigations.  Casey’s nickname for him is Control.

Casey Lawson – joins SCI at the recommendation of a friend Barrett.  She is a psychic who talks to ghosts and can reads minds.  She and Austin begin dating after some tense moments at the beginning.  Cole’s nickname for her is Sweet Cheeks.

Thai – sees auras; member of the SCI team.  Marries Anna.

Luis – a former Catholic Priest, exorcist, member of the SCI team.

Bob – shaman and SCI team member.

Josie – technical behind the scenes gal with SCI.  Married to Liv.

Barrett – in the beginning of the book, there is an investigation at a warehouse that goes terribly wrong.  Barrett is badly injured and he attacks Cole.  He decides to leave the team, and that is why he recommends Casey.  Barrett, before the warehouse, has precognitive “powers”, and in one premonition he was told to stay away from the warehouse as one of he or Cole wold be injured and the other would die.  But Cole wouldn’t stay away.  After some time, he rejoins the team on the technical side.  He is in love with Austin, but is with Derek.

Main Premise:  Austin and his team of ghost hunters investigate paranormal activity for a reality show, SCI.  A bad call at the beginning leaves the team without a psychic.  Casey is an awesome psychic and she joins the team.  Austin, Casey and team scout locations and investigate.  Austin gets a lead on a location, Enchanted Hill, that is super haunted.  Casey lies and says it’s not because the energy off just the picture of it is so bad.  Then, the demon from the location where Barrett was injured possesses and takes over Austin.  The team tries to exorcise the demon, but, in the end, Austin has to die.

Locations:  All over the US, with a significant portion in LA and a “location” called Enchanted Hill

How it Ended:  Austin jumps out a window to get rid of the demon, and kills himself in the process.

Things to Remember for Later:  This isn’t billed as a series, or the start to one.  But, just in case, here are some details to remember…

Austin is dead; he jumped out a window to take the evil spirit with him and save the rest of his team.  Everyone thought he was getting better after a time, but he wasn’t.  Casey asked if it was really true that suicides ended up in Hell, and Luis thinks that the Demon really caused Austin’s death so God wouldn’t forsake Austin.  Barrett and Derek broke up.  Casey moved back to Shadow Creek.  She doesn’t know if she will go back to SCI without Austin. The demon had Austin since the beginning, since the warehouse that went wrong in the very beginning.  Austin finally, in spirit form, visits Casey but he doesn’t really remember everything.