Main Characters:

Dana Hathaway – Dana, the “Faeriewalker” – which is someone who can move between Faerie and Avalon and bring technology into Faerie and magic into the human world – is now on her way to meet with the Queen of the Seelie court since she and her father were invited by Henry, a Prince of the Court.

Ethan – A member of the UnSeelie Court but also still tied to the Erlking after he was released from the hunt.  He bears the mark on his face.  He is dating Dana.

Kimber – Ethan’s younger sister.  She is best friends with Dana, but has limited magical abilities.  She is, however, very smart.

Keane – Finn’s son.   He  is teaching Dana some basic self-defense and doesn’t like Ethan at all.  During this installment, he and Kimber get together.

Finn – a Knight of Faerie.  Serves as Dana’s protector.

Seamus Stuart – Dana’s father.  Brutally honest with Dana and very powerful.  And he’s a Sidhe (Fae aristocracy) who is a potential candidate for Counsul, which politically speaking seems to be a really big deal.  Although we don’t get a ton of detail as to why.  He is bent on protecting Dana, but it is unclear if it is really for her own good or because he needs her.  He explains to Dana that they can not refuse Henrys/the Seelie Queen’s invitation to court.

Lachlan – A troll of some sort who often serves as an alternate or second when Finn is protecting Dana outside the safehouse.  We do not see him here but his name is referenced.

Alistair – Kimber and Ethan’s father.  We don’t see him really either, but again, he is referenced.

Cathy Hathaway – Dana’s mom.  She’s unstable and an alcoholic.  She still doesn’t admit she has a drinking problem.

Arwain, the Erlking –  The only King of Faeirie.  He is in charge of the Wild Hunt.  Everyone is afraid of him.  He has permission to kill those Fae the Queens order him to and those the Queens grant permission for.  He can not attack in Avalon unless he is attacked first.  He is immortal and apparently indestructible.  There was an agreement between the Erlking and  the Queens long ago that restricted his ability to hunt but there is a “geis” (like a gag order) which is magically enforced prohibiting people from discussing the agreement and what the Erlking got out of the deal restricting him so.  He and Dana have a deal which will require Dana to either surrender her virginity to him or Ethan will be lost to the hunt, as well as she will become the only female member of the hunt.  But, if she goes through with that, she will loose her powers to the Erlking and he will be able to go out into the mortal world and go on a murder spree.

Connor – A member of the Erlking’s Wild Hunt and Seamus’ son.  His mother was Tatiana (one of the Queens).  We don’t see much of him, but he is part of the deal Dana has with the Erlking.

Main Premise:  Henry shows up at a ball and explains to Seamus and Dana that the Seelie Queen has invited them to the Sunne Palace for Dana’s presentation to the court.  Dana and her father, accompanied by Kimber, Ethan, Finn and Keane head off to Faeire.  They are attacked on the way and the Erlking seems to assist Dana, but she uses her hidden powers to turn a bunch of the attacking creatures mortal so they disappear.  They continue onto the Palace but one of the Princesses who greats them during a dinner gets blown up.  And since bombs aren’t supposed to exist in Faeire, everyone knows that Dana will be blamed so she, Ethan, Kimber and Keane run.

Locations:  Avavlon, which is like the Vatican, in that it is within England but is it’s own sovereign nation.  It is the only place on earth where the human world borders Faerie.  And Faerie.

Other important things to remember later:  After the group run from the Sunne Palace they are caught (and this is only after letting almost everything about her tie to the Erlking spill to Kimber, Ethan and Keane and Kimber is less then happy with Dana).  Ethan convinces Dana to use the Erlking’s broach and she turns herself invisible, repeatedly, until she hatches a plan to prove that there must be another Faierwalker.  And Dana knows who it is – a young servant who she saved from the Green Lady and who she believes is related to Henry.  She thinks Henry is behind all the attempts on her life too.  She manages to get into the castle, find the Queen (who is in bed with the Erlking) and she proves that she is right.  She also manages to kill Henry using her power – after being egged on by the Erlking – and the Queen knows she is a threat because of her power, on top of everything else.  She renegotiates her deal with the Erlking.  She gets Ethan totally freed.  She no longer has to give the Erlking her virginity.  Kimber seems to be forgiving Dana and she and Keane are a thing.  Connor was not relased like Dana had tried to arranged for with her original deal with the Erlking.  She can not tell anyone what he gets when he steals power and he reminds Dana that she can’t always save everyone.  The Seelie Queen “keeps” Elizabeth (who was Henry’s daughter) to raise (as per Dana “train”) and Dana observes that Elizabeth is the Erlkings likely new target since she is also a Faierewalker.  Dana still has the broach.  She learned a little more control/ability to call the magic and her ability.  It is still unclear as to whether she could make the Erlking immortal – he explains to her that he doesn’t think it will effect him since he’s not really alive, but we still aren’t sure.  Dana’s mom went on a bender while they were gone and when they came home they found her in the bathroom with alcohol poisoning and a broken hip.  And she still refuses to admit to Dana she has a problem.


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