Black Jewels Trilogy: Anne Bishop

Daughter of the Blood

Heir to the Shadows

Queen of the Darkness

For the more mature readers – there’s nothing really graphic, but I would have a hard time applying a rating to them (PG, PG-13, R… can’t decide). The magic wielder’s power is tied to the color of the jewel they wear. And it’s a world where Sataan is a father figure. Definitely worth the price! I re-read these constantly (I alternate between this an Harry Potter!)

One thing that any reader needs to leave at the door when reading these (or in my opinion, almost anything in this genre) is the notion that HUGE age differences matter, in the case of the Queen here and her “mate” there are thousands of years between them – and he even meets her when she is a young girl (no pedophilia, but again, definitely a big gap between them). And it’s great to see a female lead/hero in this genre too – someone who doesn’t need to be “saved” but saves others. Love Ms Bishop’s stuff. And the collateral stories are very good too!



  1. After reading this review as well as your other base pages I had a few reading suggestions.

    Adult (erotic) fantasy set in alternate Europe/world – Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s series’, Love as thou wilt is one of the mottos of the alternate France where this story has it’s beginnings, but over the course of the 3 series the author ends up exploring much more of the world too. Although I would put it in the erotic category it does have a story.

    Strong female lead fantasy/spiritual – Traci Harding, apart from the mystique trilogy, which is good too, all her series are interlinked in some way. Tori, the lead female is a taekwondo expert (I know it’s not karate but you still might be interested) who gets transported back to the dark ages during a visit to a circle of standing stones. As the series’ progress you will visit Atlantis as well as a take several jaunts across space, from a fantasy perspective though, not sci fi. Being an Australian author you may only be able to get e-versions.

    Young adult/junior strong female leads magic based fantasy universes- any of Tamora Pierce’s many series would fit under this description. Although for a younger audience I still read these and I’m about to turn 25, it’s nice to find a lighter read to turn back to.

    I’ll leave it at that for the moment, that’s already several dozen books for you to lose yourself in.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Two of the authors you mentioned are already on my to read list. I will check them out and hopefully put pages up soon! Thanks for reading my reviews. Happy reading!


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