Accidental Genie

Main Characters:

Sloan Flaherty – was just helping out at Oops when he fielded a phone call from a woman about being stuck in a bottle.

Jeannie – aka Charlie.  Had a catering business after escaping her life married to a South American drug lord, and in witness protection.

Nancy, Wanda, Marty, Greg and all our others from previous installs.

Main Premise:  Jeannie accidentally gets suckered into rubbing the bottle and taking the place of a Genie who she let escape from a bottle.  She calls Oops for help and Sloan then accidentally lets Jeannie out, getting him three wishes in the mean time.  All while Jeannie is in witness protection from her ex-husband drug dealer, and she falls in love with Sloan.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Jeannie makes it possible for Nina to have a baby.  Rug is some sort of protector.  And Jeannie is now queen of the Genies.  And they all live happily ever after…


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