Break Out

Main Characters:

Rico – the Vampire.  He owns the ship, but has hired a captain so that he doesn’t have to be as responsible.  Born in the 1400s on Earth, he has some attachment to things like Whiskey (which is outlawed) and poker.

Skylar – a member of the collective and an operative who is charged with a mission – we don’t know exactly what it is until very near the end.  But, we know she’s collective and we know that she is conning the crew into taking here on her mission.

Tannis – the tough and nononsense Captain.  Her ultimate goal is to be able to have enough money to afford the meridian treatment and become immortal and part of the collective.

Main Premise:  We are in the future where space travel is the norm.  Rico is a pirate – he was an actual pirate in the 1400s on Earth, now he’s really a space pirate.  He and Tannis take on Skylar.  Skylar says that she needs help, and is willing to pay lots of money for it.  She pretends that she is trying to break her brother out of prison.  The crew plans the mission and executes it.  Meanwhile, Skylar and Rico become an item.  Turns out that the prisoner that is rescued is a killer accused of killing someone politically important and Skylar was played by her superiors because it was really only a training mission.  But she helps the crew escape and takes the prisoner too.  And, like all PNR stories, Rico and Sklar are now in a relationship.

Locations:  Space.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Al is a girl, disguised as a boy.  Skylar doesn’t know if the collective will be able to find her since no one has ever left the collective before.  And they know the collective will be after Johnny, the prisoner they took out of prison.

Review:  This won’t be a very long review, in part because its not a terribly long book (which is fine given the uncomplicated plot), and in part because it’s your typical PNR (which is fine by me, or I wouldn’t keep reading them!).  Another interesting cross between the PNR and scifi space adventures.  It was a fun little read.  Predictable as all in this genre are, but fun nonetheless.  One of the interesting things about this book was the lack of profession of undying love.  Skylar stays with the crew to be with Rico and she wants to be with him and he wants to be with her, but there was never the “I love you” scene.  And it was sort of refreshing, and leaves me wondering if book 2 and 3 will be about others in this universe or about the continued relationship between Skylar and Rico.  There were a few nice and steamy scenes.  The plot has some action and wasn’t a bad story.Totally formulaic, not badly written, and fun little characters make me intrigued to read the others when they come out.  I especially liked Al, the little girl disguised as a boy who is convinced Rico is going to eat her and who tries to protect Skylar.  There were some nice funny moments and the interaction of the characters was enjoyable.


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