The Accidental Werewolf

Book 1 in the Accidental Series

Main Characters: Marty Andrews (Human turned werewolf), Keegan Flaherty (werewolf), Nina (Marty’s fellow Bobbie-Sue cosmetics sales rep), Wanda (another sales rep) and some of Keegan’s family.

Main premise: Marty is out walking her dog, with Nina and Wanda when she is accidentally nipped by Keegan who is in wolf form (or as Nina likes to say throughout the series “Dog” form).  Keegan tries to do right by teaching Marty all she needs to know, and as expected in this genre, Marty and Keegan fall in love.

Location: NY City and Keegan’s compound/business near Buffalo.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Marty has a half brother, Terrance, who kidnapped her so that she wouldn’t get her rightful inheritance.  Alana, who desperately wanted Keegan, obviously doesn’t get him and she doesn’t seem happy about it.  Nina is an angry, foul mouthed (and I love it!!!!) cranky person.  Wanda is kind of quiet and tries to keep the peace between Nina and Marty.



  1. I love this series. I read all that were out at the time I started. And then I just kind of forgot about. Glad I pulled this up to remind me how much I enjoyed them


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