The White Glove War

Main Characters:

Alex – our protagonist.  She is playing along with Mrs. Lee, pretending




Mrs. Lee – the current leader of the Magnolia’s.

Sina – she has always hated the Magnolia’s.  She struck a bargain with Alex, but she is really orchestrating things so that she can break the league.  She evicts the Gray Man from Alex and tells Alex how to free her mother – through a second burial (which involves burying Alex alive).

Doc Buzzard – helped create the league.  Takes away most of their powers/charms/ability to get new spells (etc.) at the end as punishment for messing with the Three.

Louisa – Alex’s mom.  She is trapped in a room in Mrs. Lee’s house.  But Alex frees her and her spirit passes on.

Sam Buzzard – was in love with Alex’s mom.  He helped Mrs. Lee trap her spirit so that they didn’t have to loose her entirely.

Dex – Madison’s boyfriend.  We see very little of him.

Owen Bailey – a oafish boy who Mrs. Lee sicks on Alex.  The Gray Man kills him after the Gray Man is evicted from Alex and chases down Hayes and can’t get to her.

The Gray Man/William Long – an evil spirit who is looking to kill who ever he can.

Sybil – Hayes’ grandmother.

Ellie – Hayes’ mother.  She called up the Gray Man.  To kill Alex so Hayes could take over the League. She also paid to have Alex’s mom killed.

The buzzard rock – ok, so not really a character.  But its importance is such that I am going to treat it that way.  This is a rock of protection, which will protect the wearer from harm, let the wearer leave Savannah, and keep the Gray Man away.  Alex had given it to Hayes, but she had to take it back.  She replaced it with another rock so Hayes thought she had it when Hayes fled Savannah.  But she doesn’t and so the Gray Man will be after her.

Dr. Jacobs – not sure if he’s real or not.  He’s a spooky old man who is basically some sort of hoodoo doctor.  Sina sends Alex to see him, and others have been going to see him too.

Locations: Savannah

Main Premise:  The Magnolia League is headed by Mrs. Lee.  She is grooming Alex to take over.  But the League is facing some trouble because while they are never, ever, supposed to mess with the Three (the Sister, the Future, the Dead – no root against another Magnolia, no asking to see the future, no raising, trapping, communicating with the dead), it looks like someone or some people have started to.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  As noted in the character summaries, some of the mothers started messing with the Three.  Alex, in a way, sacrificed herself to save her mother.  But she didn’t realize that Sina was really setting her up so that Alex would end up either dead or to have the League finished.  The League is finished as Doc Buzzard tells the League that he will not longer provide the things they need for their spells and stuff.  But, the grey man is still out there and Hayes left Savannah thinking she had the rock but she doesn’t – so she won’t be safe from him.  But, turns out the grandmothers knew some of the Hoodoo before getting together with Doc Buzzard and forming the league – as we learn at the end.  Alex sets her mother free, she needs to go after Hayes, the League is basically finished (I am guessing, sort of if there is to be a third installment) and Thadd seems to be out of the spell and he and Alex look like they will be together (again, next book permitting).


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