3: Beautiful Chaos

Main Characters:

Lena – a caster who chose herself and is now both light and dark.  She and Ethan are together.

Ethan – the Wayward.  He is involved in the Caster World more than just because he loves Lena.

Liv – She was supposed to be a keeper in training until the events of the last book where she interfered.  She’s from England and she had a thing for Ethan, although Ethan is so in love with Lena they are just friends.

Ridley – a former Dark Caster/Siren.

Link – Ethan’s best friend.  He was bitten by John and turned into a part incubus in the last book.

Amma – Ethan’s housekeeper/caretaker.  She’s like a mom.  But she is a Seer and she sees something in the cards in the beginning that totally freak her out.

Macon – Lena’s aunt and former incubus.  He’s now some sort of light caster with unknown powers, including the power to create light and darkness.

Abraham – Macon’s brother who wants to bring about the end of all casters.  He raised John Breed to further that end.

Sarafine/Izabel – Lena’s mom.  And a very powerful dark caster.

John Breed – some sort of anomaly caster.  Not sure if he is dead at the beginning and it’s not clear once we know he’s alive if he was willingly helping Abraham or not.

Ethan’s Aunts – Prue being important.  They know more than they let on.

Marian – current keeper of the caster library since Ethan’s mother died.  Because of her allowing Liv to interfere in the last book, she’s in trouble with the Keep.  She gets taken there and put on trial and we see the head of the keep, including Angelus.


Bokor – the dark voodoo magician Amma visits in an attempt to change what she saw in the cards.

Lilum – The Wheel of Fate.  Possessing Ethan’s English teacher.

John – Lena’s dad.  We only see him in flashbacks since he died in a fire when Lena was little.

Main Premise:  After Lena’s choosing of herself the Order is broken.  That is, the apocalypse seems like it’s coming.  The Mortal and Caster world are coming together and something needs to be done to save the world.

Locations: Gaitlin SC, New Orleans

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Ridley has disappeared.  But not before she seems to have come back into power somehow.  Ethan flung himself off the water tower to be the sacrifice to save the world and died.  The Greats turned their back on Amma and wouldn’t help her stop Ethan.  The Bokor claims that Amma still has a price to pay.  Macon has some wicked powers.  John can absorb powers by touching casters – he doesn’t steal them, he simply gets them also.  Abraham is alive and has the Book of Moons and still wants John.  Sarafine was killed, effectively, by Lena.  Aunt Prue died.  The keep was accessed, like the Great Barrier, through some tunnels and will be important later.  Angelus will be a character to remember too.


Boy, there was a lot going on in this book.  Almost too much.

I know – that’s not much of a review.  But that’s how completely lost I was at the end of the book.  There was so much action that I had trouble following it all.  But, I think I got it all in the OITRL section, so the review isn’t terribly necessary.


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