3: Passion

Main Characters:

Luce – mortal girl who is the soulmate of Daniel, traveling through time so she can learn more about her past, the curse that is on her and Daniel and so she can find a way to believe that their love it true.

Daniel – A fallen angel.  He is chasing Luce through the past, to try to find a way to make sure that the loophole which has been created to allow Luce to survive past her 17th birthday gets created.

Cam, Roland, Gabbe, etc.  – all the fellow fallen angels and nephilim from the first two books.  We really see very little of them.


Bill – the creepy little gargoyle who guides Luce on her journey.  Spoiler alert – stop now if you don’t want to know…  he’s Lucifer/Satan.  Trying to get Luce to kill her soul, break the curse, and sway Daniel onto his side.  He’s the reason for the curse in the first place, really.

Main Premise (and locations – you’ll see why I combined the two when you read):  Luce jumps through time, through the Announcers.  First, trying to find a way to be sure that Daniel truly loves her and that she truly loves him.  Then, to try to find out about the curse, why is started and how to break it.  She spends time in the 1940s (Moscow), 1910s (Italy), 1800s (England), 1700s (Tahiti, Prussia, Tibet, France), 550 BC (ancient Mayan civilization), 1000 BC (China), and 3100 BC (Egypt).  Somewhere in the 1700s trips she realizes that their love is pure but from there she’s trying to find out about the curse.  And, turns out that Daniel is the one who had to do something to create the loophole.  He travels to a bunch of the same places and a few others (1000 BC to Greenland and even earlier to Israel) before he realizes why he is always a step behind her and that he knows he needs to go back to the “fall” of the angels – the time before time began, and that is the only way he will catch her.  Meanwhile, Luce runs into the former lives of Luce in each time and the former Daniel in most too.  Daniel runs into the former Daniel in most and the former Luce in a few.  At the end, we see Lucifer telling “the Throne” or “him” that everyone should have free will, even the angels.  And the Throne makes the angels chose – free will or heaven.  And those who don’t choose – well, they are punished too.  But Daniel refuses to choose.  He says he chooses love and that’s when both Lucifer and the Throne curse he and Luce – but the Throne provides the loophole.  Turns out the curse is that Luce will die every time she chooses Daniel over everything else.  And the loophole is except in a life time when she’s not baptized (the side has already been chosen for her by that baptism) and she will be allowed to choose for herself.  Choice having been the key in each lifetime to why and when Luce died.  Meanwhile, however, Luce finally figures out that Bill isn’t this innocent little gargoyle but Lucifer.  And, like all bad guys, he spills his guts about his plans to her.  So, when she reunites with Daniel, she tells him of the plan (hence, the plot for book 4).

Other important things to remember for later:  Cam and Daniel were brothers.  Cam didn’t choose to Lucifer’s side – he didn’t become “evil” until betrayed by Lilith (who he was going to marry at one point and she wouldn’t because he couldn’t do it in a church).  Luce has seen Daniel’s true essence.  Lucifer intends to capture all the falling angels in an announcer (using it like a net) and whip out all of history and start over in an attempt to win.  And we still really know nothing about the outcasts and the Elders – we got a teaser in the prologue but nothing really came of the scene with Sophia and the others we see there.

Review:  I loved Fallen.  I mean really thought it was great.  I wanted more info so I didn’t feel so very lost about certain things, but I still really thought it was a great book.  It pained me to read the second (Torment).  It was not a great follow-up.  Despite the epic failure that I thought Torment was, I still had high hopes for Passion.  Shame on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I will read Rapture – if for no other reason than the text on the page facing the last page states:  “Rapture – The Final Book int he Fallen Series – Spring 2012” and I can close the book on a series that had so much potential but fell flat fast.

Here, virtually all the characters we got to know in the first two books were non-existant.  The promise of a “team Cam vs team Daniel” – shattered.  Primarily by the fact that Cam was in all of like 3 chapters and he was peripheral.  And expendable.  And he didn’t really influence the plot or the characters in any way.  The only characters that really mattered in this installment were Daniel, Luce (both, in all their incarnations) and the new Bill character.  And while this is a petty, nit-pickey, tiny little annoyance – was it really necessary for ever version of Luce to be named some version of Luce?  Really?  Before we get to the Mayan civilization or Chinese one, we couldn’t get a different name?  With Bill as the guide, it wasn’t really necessary for that to happen.  But anyway… onto bigger complaints.

First, the entire plot annoyed me.  Luce needed proof that their love was real?  This book felt like an unnecessary detour through time just so the author could try writing about time travel.  Bill could have gone all “3D” Luce with the first step back and Luce would have felt it right away.  But that would have cut out at least half the book.  Because Luce gets a hint that “choice” is important, but there really isn’t any context to help the reader guess why and the time traveling got old.  Fast.  And there were still all these rules around the curse, but even after learning what the curse was and where it came from, where’d the rules come from?  The little we learn about the characters all happens in the last 30 pages.  And there isn’t enough meat to the rest of the pages before that to keep a reader really engaged.  I constantly felt like “get on with it, where’d the curse come from?” and was relieved when a chapter was over because it meant I was getting closer to the end to figuring out what the end game of this installment was.

The characters were flat.  Everything about them came from the first two books and the prose, which was decent in the first book, was just as bad as it was in the last.  There are plot holes, unnecessary time traveling, changes to time lines with out any consequences (even though they are all about making sure nothing too drastic changes, but they need to create the loophole in the first place – so, it’s like an oxymoron in a way), and the descriptions of the scenery and setting are bloated and felt like a way for the author just to show off some historical research.  The time frames really didn’t do anything other then play window dressing and after a little while, it got annoying having to read 3 or 4 pages of setting description before really having any clue why those particular lifetimes were chosen.

I am ready for this series to end.  All the romance has been sucked out of the series for me, the way Luce’s doubt came about in Torment and the way it was “resolved” here didn’t do anything to bring that romance back.  And, I don’t even really want to think about the theology that must be coming in the last book….  This book was really more of a transition from love story in the first two books to what ever battle of good vs evil is coming in the last one (at least that’s what it seems to be setting up for).  The first books weren’t really ever about saving the world, but about Luce and Daniel’s love story.  Now, all of a sudden we are shifting to the need to save the world.  I don’t know why it took that (mis)direction, but it spoiled the story.  We had to get through the anti-climax of where the curse came from so we can get to the angels battling satan so we can get to the end of the series.  We learn nothing about the annoying Announcers.  We get introduced to “the Scale” but what a waste of words that was.  There was no real action here.  No real depth to the plot.  No real romance between the characters.  No real elegance to the dialogue.  That leave no real hope for the last, except for the fact that it will be the last!


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