1: The Girl

Main Characters:

Emmy Baxter (Emerson Hope Baxter) – human girl.  The clue that the sage gives both the good and evil sides.

Marcus – First Guardian.  “Married” to Armenia.  Falls in love with Emmy. Has the ability to make people see their own worst fears and they feel so real it can kill a person.

Ameana (aka Mimi) – second in command of the guardian angels.  “Married” to Marcus.  Super strong.

Rio – Miku’s twin and Guardian.  He can read emotions of people and has the ability to project a shield.

Miku – Rio’s twin and Guardian and she has a siren’s song that can kill.

Reese – another Guardian. Has the ability to “blink” (think teleport or apparate)

Jay – Reese’s best friend and Guardian.  Resident car fanatic.  Has the ability to move faster than the speed of light.

Emmy’s mom

Julian – the original First Guardian.  He is missing somewhere on Earth.

The Sage – a little boy who is actually thousands of years old and he tells the sides the clue to finding the triplex.  And sort of helps the good guys out a little too.

The Council – Death, Time and Fate.  An impartial council to decide how to keep, which is their main purpose, the balance between good and evil.

Lucy – aka Lucifer aka Atourum

Omnis – the Original Creator (aka God)

The Akons- the bad angels – the Guardian’s counter-balance.

Femi – the woman Julian fell in love with and the reason he was punished and the whole game of find-the-triplex is going on.

Main Premise:  Teenage souls, after they die don’t automatically go to the light or the dark.  Instead they walk on a bridge and are asked if they want power or peace.  They need to decide.  But once, a Guardian angel (on of the ones who watched the bridge) couldn’t resist and helped a woman decide for the light.  He also fell in love with her.  He was punished for his interference and a game was set up where a map to the bridge would be drawn and hidden and every 666 years good and bad both get a year try to find it.  This year, the clue both sides get is a name – Emerson H. Baxter.  The Sage, when he gave the Guardians the clue told Marcus that

Locations:  Mainly New York City.  But they are angels who can fly and they do travel.  We see a couple of other places such as West Africa and the Himalayas.

How it ended: The team rescues Julian only to discover that he is Emmy’s father.  Emmy is in denial.  Julian refuses to help as long as Emmy is involved.  Rio is in BIG Trouble as he interfered and saved a bus load of kids from dying.  Marcus and Mimi have broken things off.  Marcus has fallen for Emmy and Mimi is pissed.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Reese died in a battle.  To each angel there is something that is very important to them – for Jay it’s family.  Tone-Tone, a Seller, gave an important clue: that the triplex needs to be somewhere that each of the council members are ok with – and that both sides can get to it (so no churches, no politician’s offices, etc).  Emmy was affected by watching her friend Sara die at the hands of a runner.  Emmy is infatuated with Marcus and he with her.  Emmy’s mother is really Femi – she has no recollection of who she really is, but Julian insists that Emmy isn’t a product of a rape but that Emmy’s mom recognized, on some level, Julian and that everything was consensual and that the rape story probably came from her mom then forgetting that as Julian and she were apart.

There are a list of important terms to be familiar with:

  • Core – the story about how the Guardian died and it explains how the Guardian got the powers he/she has
  • Hun – a really super bad guy who was supposed to be destroyed; he creates awful tools for use and they are often sold on the black market to all sorts of bad guys (and good guys from time to time too)
  • Runner – someone who has sold their soul to Lucy; they have no souls anymore
  • Dife – Hell
  • Seller – adults who were bad but died doing something good or heroic; most end up bad and they sell all sorts of paranormal stuff to the angels
  • Splash – an empty snow globe that when smashed brings angel news (and often in a gossip rage type of way)
  • Snap – a power that can be taken so you can temporarily experience other powers
  • Triplex – the map of where on Earth the bridge is located
  • Rah – when angels want to marry they literally give their hearts to each other and put them in a box called the Rah and to get at their hearts both angels need to be there to open the box
  • Cycle – some unknown period of time; I thought it was supposed to be a lifetime but I am not certain of that.



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