Midnight Breed

One of a number of Vampire PNR series that I read.  This none tracks a group (not unlike the Brotherhood).  Here the Vamps are “Breed”, and they are fighting a big bad.  There are a few key difference with this series – while the men are part of the “Order” (this is not unlike the BDB), here the Vamps have their powers because they are part alien.  All potential females have a birthmark making them a breedmate.  Lots of hotness in this series.

Author: Lara Adrian

US Publisher: Mass Market/Dell


  1. Kiss of Midnight
  2. Kiss of Crimson
  3. Midnight Awakening
  4. Midnight Rising
  5. Veil of Midnight
  6. Ashes of Midnight
  7. Shades of Midnight
  8. Taken by Midnight
  9. Deeper Than Midnight (expected June 28, 2011) – Corrine and Hunter’s story.  Where we are – Dragos has been identified and he heads the agency.  Harvard has gone off the rails and sacrificed himself to the secret service to protect the rest of the group.  We still don’t know exactly what Dragos’ plan is, but it includes taking down the Order.  Corrine’s son, another hunter, is rescued by Hunter and is heading back to the Order with Hunter and Corrine.  The Order has relocated to Maine.  While not the best installment, it was a quick read and in line with the rest of the series.  I feel like the plot of the series has moved forward a little and I am grateful.  The steaminess factor has dwindled in the latest books, but they are still enjoyable little escapes from reality.  There was a lot of action here and you really need some of the history of the series to not get lost, I would think.  It will be interesting to see where Harvard’s story takes things.
  10. Darker After Midnight (no publication info yet)



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