Werewolf in Seattle

Main Characters:

Colin McDowell – inherited his Aunt Geraldine’s estate on an island off the coast of Washington just outside Seattle.  He travels to the estate to put it up for sale, because he is also the Laird of a Scottish estate and while he has some emotional ties to the house, he’s the pack leader of the Trevelyans in Scotland and his obligations are really there.

Luna Reynard – a half wolf half human woman who was Geraldine’s personal assistant.  She wants to make the house into a B&B type resort for were’s only.  She just needs to convince Colin.  She was raised by her mother, her father having been killed before she was born.  And then her mother died when she was little.  She was raised without a pack and without any real knowledge of what it means to be were.

Duncan McDowell – Colin’s brother.  Has no problem with humans, even might think that its time for the secrecy to end.

George Trevelyan – the head of the Seattle pack.  Also sort of caused Luna’s dad’s death in that he chased off her mom when Luna’s mom chose Luna’s dad over him.  He didn’t realize that her dad would go after her mom and get in the accident that killed him.  He, before admitting that, wants lots of power and wants to steal Luna’s idea and be a big investor in the resort.  But Luna and Colin stop him from ruining Luna’s life and idea.

Hector – the old grounds keeper.  Kind of a grumpy guy until Luna reminds him what he means to others.  Then he and Dulcie get together.

Dulcie – one of the other servants/workers at La Floret (the nickname for the mansion, which is really called Whittier House).

Sybil – another were working at La Floret.

Knox – one of the pilots, George’s son.  And we saw him briefly in the Werewolf in the North Woods.  Still single.

Sophie and Byron – Luna’s deceased parents.  We meet Bryon’s parents briefly too.

Janet – the Chef at Whittier House.

Location: The island outside Seattle and Seattle.

Main Premise:  Luna wants to convince Colin to turn the mansion into a resort.  He thinks marrying a human is not right but he starts to fall for Luna.  And he finds out she’s half human, he thinks he can help her but there won’t be anything long-term.  But, like all of these books, its no spoiler to say that’s not how things end up.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Colin’s brother almost proposed to a human.  There is a Were conference center near Denver.  With a conference scheduled not long after the events of this book conclude.


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