The League Series

Synopsis:  The League is a group of intergalatic assassins, carrying out contract kills on folks.  It’s ok to kill or be killed provided there is a League contract out on you.  And apparently, it looks like anyone who can make an accusation and pay, can take out a contract.  There are seaxes who carry out justice – they are bounty hunters – too.  And there are all sorts of enemies of different planets, the League and who ever else you can think of to deal with.  We are sci-fi romance.  Blasters, computers, hacking, spaceships and sex!

Author:  Sherrilyn Kenyon


  1. Born of Night – Kiara and Nykyrian’s book.  We met a large group of the characters we will see in the others here including the Dagan’s and Syn.
  2. Born of Fire – Syn and Shahara Dagan’s book.  Time line is a little off, but, oh well.  They get together even though she was supposed to kill him, to save her sister’s life.
  3. Born of Ice – Devyn and Alix’s book.  We jump to the future here – from the second one, since Devyn is Syn and Shahara’s son.  Alix gets on Devyn’s ship as an engineer because her sister and mother have been kidnapped and she needs to frame or find proof of Devyn’s illegal activities and turn it over to the bad guy (a descendant of the guy Syn took down in that book).  But, they get some unexpected help from Paden, Devyn’s sort-of (and turns out real) brother.
  4. Born of Shadows – Caillen and Desideria’s book.   Caillen is Shahara’s brother.   Turns out he was adopted and he’s really a prince.  Desideria is a princess to an awful militant feminist planet’s queen.  They spoil a plot to kill Desideria’s mom and Caillen’s dad by Desideria’s crazy power hungry aunt and sister.  Appears to actually take place between books 2 and 3.
  5. Born of Silence – coming 2012 – expected to be Kere and Zarya’s book.  Kere is really Darling Cruel, friends with Syn and company.
Review of Born of Shadows (and summary as to where we are here in this universe):  It’s not a spoiler in this genre to say the couple gets together at the end of each book.  That’s the point.  But there are too many political alliances and allegiances to keep track of.  The nice thing is, here, we don’t really have to.  I skipped book 1 (not intentionally) and started with book 2 and it didn’t matter in the least.  We get enough of the surrounding context from the author to make these any enjoyable read.  No PNR, or rather now I need to say SFR (SciFi Romance), will ever win a nobel prize for writing, but these were quick little reads, with a little steam thrown in at just the right moment.  If you are looking for JR Ward steaminess, these don’t quite fog the bathroom the same way.  But, we do get a lot of the friendly banter, the humor, the sexy hero, etc., that a good book in the romance genre has.  And, the difference with Desideria and the other female characters in this genre was refreshing because she ends up strong and able to save the day and her man, without being a total feminist.  In fact, she rebels a little against her ultra-feminist culture, but you can see she’s still a strong female character.  It’s a relief.  It’s also nice to have a character that isn’t driven by a past horror/horrible relationship with/inflicted upon by a man.  And, it was within the series too since the last 2 before saw the motivation of the females as so similar that I was having deja vu flashes the entire time while reading.   I hadn’t read a SFR before, now, I am looking forward to the next in this series – and will be looking for other similar series!  

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